Northern Connections

Defining the challenges of tomorrow

18 June 2018 - Published by Christina Knudsen

At the Transnational Working Days in Edinburgh Leon Aahave Uhd, Chief Project Manager at CLEAN cluster (DK) and responsible for the Danish event, presented the Danish Living lab by taking the participating partners on a journey through his own conceptual process.

His presentation gave the participants an idea of his work process, all the way from the conception of the overall vision of the Danish Living lab, through finding an owner or “buyer” for his case and the selection of the specific “burning questions” of this matchmaking event in October 2018. 

Syd Energi will be looking for innovative companies to identify new partnerships, ideas, technologies or methodologies. In short; companies that can help them reach their strategic goals to create more sustainable energy and better digital communication.

He then introduced the overall subjects for the Danish challenges within the areas of:

  •         Sensor technology

Within infrared imaging, temperature, humidity censor, light and motion sensor, consumer sensors to household.

  •         Electric cars & storage

More effective solutions for batteries and charging, storage, controlling and redistribution or new methods to grid capacity.

  •         Green behavior

Nudging of consumer spending, gamification, community concepts, reward and new business models.


  •         Smart homes

Light management, alarm systems, energy optimization, indoor climate, screen time (TV, tablets and smartphones).

The challenges are now being elaborated on, in close collaboration with Syd Energi. These will be send out shortly, with the aim of attraction solutions from all participating countries! At the meeting in Scotland, it was quite clear, that the project partners were looking forward to involving local enterprises in the near future of the project.

Access his presentation through this link (The previous process is presented on slides 10 and 11).