Northern Connections

A toolbox for clusters

12 October 2017 - Published by Christina Knudsen
A new toolbox in relation to the Northern Connections project will be published in December 2017, and it will contain practical tools for creating events, services, long-term initiatives and internationalisation.

Additionally, the toolbox is an inspirational catalogue, which comprehends matchmaking, knowledge sharing and idea creation. 

The aim of the toolbox 
In the overall perspective, the Northern Connections Toolbox is a best practice collection across the implicated clusters in the Northern Connections project. During the first period, the aim of the toolbox is to create a setup of practical and manageable tools about matchmaking, knowledge sharing and idea creation. These tools will describe how to make certain event set-ups, how to estimate the resource consumption and indicate what kind of actors should participate, e.g. SME’s, large companies, our partners from the university. Next year, work on creating a toolbox aimed at policy level will be initiated. This will give inspiration to how the public operators, regions and municipalities can support their clusters in their development focusing on working across borders. The overall aim of creating this toolbox is to inspire and learn from each other. As a result, the Northern Connections Toolbox is a component of knowledge sharing. 

At the moment, the toolbox is ready to be further developed with input from the whole partnership. 20 concepts is already collected but the aim is to have 50 in total for the work package leaders to work on through November. The Northern Connection Toolbox (1st iteration) is expected to be presented at the Transnational Working Days in Kiel in December 2017. The Toolbox development is lead by Lars Bern from Business Region Gothenburg, and Leon Aahave Uhd from CLEAN.