Transnational Working Days June 2018

Edinburgh hosted the transnational working days from 6-8th June 2018. At these working days we discussed Living Labs in Edinburgh and published our Toolbox on cluster cooperation for transnational innovation.

In Edinburgh we focused on defining the challenges of tomorrow as Living Labs. We discussed the role of cities as well as of clusters. The context was set with a presentation of the preliminary findings on our RIS3 analysis. Mr. Andreas Obersteg from HCU Hamburg presented the findings on RIS3 (Regional Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation), and the effect on cluster structure, cluster activities and cities/regions. Read more here.

Mr. Leon Aahave Uhd, Chief Project Manager at CLEAN cluster and responsible for the Danish Livin Lab event, made the innovation challenges concrete in his presentation of the Danish Living lab by taking the participating partners on a journey through his own conceptual process. Read more here.

The Toolbox on Innovation Support Measures was presented by Mr. Lars Bern, Business Region Gothenburg, and Mr. Frans Snijkers from CleanTech Vlaanderen, made a live edition of The Innovation Tool of the month

Read more about our Transnational Working Days in the June edition of our newsletter. 

The conference was opened by a speech of the Mayor of Aalborg Mr. Thomas Kastrup-Larsen with a look towards the next political conference in Oslo 28-30th November 2018.