Online Living Lab Event - Sustainable Hospitals

An inspiring plenary session, followed by targeted online 1:1 meetings that promises knowledge gain and new business contact.

The online match-making event brings together companies (buyers as well as suppliers) from a large number of European countries. This is your unique opportunity to generate new business contacts and contracts. 

The model is time and cost efficient, and the end result is more business partnerships, as well as networking across borders, making Northern Connections! The meetings will take place online, in individual 1:1 digital meeting rooms, using the B2Match software, and your specific schedule will be automatically arranged in advance. By means of this website, create a profile in the easy-to-use softeware, state your interests, areas of expertise and start exploring the other registered participants profiles, in the search for new business partnerships and meetings.


The strategic objectives 
Danish Hospitals are highly ambitious, in regards to meeting the goals laid out internationally, with the Paris Agreement, as well as supporting the national goals within the green transition. The healthcare sector can be a very complicated sector to successfully implement new solutions into, and this is why we are now inviting innovators from the North Sea Region to pitch their solutions and ideas to the Danish Hospitals.

Our challenges
The hospital owners are now searching for innovative companies, ideas, technologies and methodologies in order to identify and form new partnerships within the specified challenge areas.

The overall challenges are within Energy and Resource Efficiency and we cannot wait to be introduced to innovators across the North Sea Region.

– Join us at our Living Lab Event online, where you will be inspired by challenges in the real world, establish new partnerships and perhaps be one of lucky innovators, creating the sustainable hospitals of tomorrow. All Danish Regions have recently, (or are currently in the process of), comitted themselves to ambitious strategic goals concerning CO2 reduction, recycling etc.They are ready to take action; to invest if the right solutions are found, or to co-create and innovate to find them.

Overall topics - Energy & Resources

Challenge Nr. 1 - Reducing energy consumption

- AI & CTS

- Indoor climate

- Flexible use of energy

- Reuse of energy

- Energy behavior

- Other solutions

Watch the video presentation on our ENERGY challenges HERE

Challenge Nr. 2 - Reducing resource consumption

- Plastic waste streams and upcycling

- General waste management

- Single use vs. multiple use

- Product optimization based on new materials and processes

- Reduction and reuse of water

- Behavior

- Other solutions

Watch the video presentation on our RESOURCE challenges HERE

The aforementioned challenge areas and technologies and solutions are only stated as examples. If you feel that your solution would be relevant, please sign up, create a profile, and you might be selected to participate in a 1:1 online meeting with one of the two the challenge owner groups, comprised of experts within energy and resources, representing the regions North, Central- and Southern Denmark.

Get an in-depth introduction to the two specific identified challenge areas in the sections "our ENERGY challenges" & "our RESOURCE challenges". 


Sign up now: www.danish-living-lab-sustainable-hospitals/signup

Learn more about the event here: www.danish-living-lab-sustainable-hospitals.b2match