Living Lab Event - Økernbyen (N), 29th November 2018

Venue: Oslo, Norway

Økern Centre is situated in the heart of Hovinbyen, one of Oslo’s newest and most ambitious city development areas. Hovinbyen has a potential growth of 30-40,000 new residents and will accommodate a total of 100,000 people in addition to its 2.5 million m2 area for industry and trade. Økern Centre will be the central hub of Hovinbyen and will form and change Oslo in accordance with the growth strategies of Oslo Municipality.

From 2020 Steen & Strøm and Storebrand will create an urban, sustainable and innovative 163,000 m2 urban centre including an indoor aquapark, a cinema, housing facilities, cultural venues, offices, hotels and a leading commercial centre. We have now started the search for companies and partners to help us develop Økern Centre to be as high-tech, sustainable and shaped with tomorrows solutions as possible. We are looking for companies, clusters and innovations, who can deliver to Økern Centre. 

Read more about Økern Centre HERE. 

Oslo Living lab Innovation Award
We hope to be able to sign contracts with many of the participants under the Økern Centre 
- Oslo Living lab. In addition we will provide an innovation award - 50 000 NOK,- (5200 Euro)
to the company who provides the best contribution to our project. The award ceremony will take place at Stratos Roof-top Bar Thursday 29th of November, directly after the innovation

The jury will consist of: 
• Robert Steen, Vice Mayor – The City of Oslo (TBC)
• Mali Hole Skogen, director OREEC
• Thomas Holth, Project Director Steen&Strøøm
• Unn Hofstad, Sustainability Director Storebrand ASA

Living Lab Event - Økernbyen     

We are looking for innovative companies, ideas or technologies in order to identify and form new partnerships. Therefore, we are looking for TECH SOLUTIONS and use of new products in all phases of the project, however we are especially for these underlying categories: 

Circular and holistic waste management
Waste management - Under ground waste management opportunity
• Vacuum systems
• Central systems for waste management
• Smart handling of public waste
• Food waste programs and circular waste management

Sustainable energy solutions
Heating & cooling
• Energy wells
• Battery/storage technology Electrical production
• Solar panels on all surfaces
• Wind power, wind trees, movement etc.
• Hydroelectric plants in the sewage system etc.

Green Mobility & Infrasructure for sustainable transport

• Smart transport of goods
• Fossil free private car, cycle parking & pooling
• Car/Ridesharing. 

Construction period / Execution
• On site circularity & re-use of materials
• Co2 emission free construction site
• Energy consumption & usage during construction period
• Re-use & circularity of materials – cradle 2 cradle.

Please Contact, if you have any questions. 

The official invitation and programme is available HERE.