Events creating Northern Connections

Here you can follow our project meetings, workshops and conferences developing Northern Connections.

Transnational working days and conferences

2016: 13-14th of December in Aarhus, Denmark. Kick-off conference. 


2017: 12-14th of June in Aalborg, Denmark. Transnational working days. 

2017: 11-13th of December in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Transnational working days.


2018: 6-8th of June in Edinburgh, Scotland. Transnational working days.

2018: 7th of November in Esbjerg, Denmark. Living Lab Event. 

2018: 28-30th of November in Oslo, Norway.
Political conference and Living Lab Event.


2019: 8th of May in Gothenburg, Sweden. Living Lab Event. 

2019: 13-14th of June in Hamburg, Germany.
Transnational working days and Living Lab Events.

2019: 12-13th of September in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. Living Lab Event.

2019: 20th-22nd of November in Brussels, Belgium.
Living Lab Event and working days.


2020: 30th-31st of January in Scotland. Living Lab Event in Edinburgh.

2020: 8th of September - The Final Conference is going digital!

2020: 10th of December -The Digital Living Lab Event in Malmö, Sweden.


Living Lab Events