Smart Port solutions for remoter areas (2022)

The NSR CONNECT’s third work package fosters the identification of remoter areas’ bottlenecks in the intermodal network. The main objective is to identify transnational barriers and bottlenecks in terms of connectivity, smart technologies, and logistics processes, which impede the implementation of the TEN-T core and comprehensive network, more precisely the interface of the core and remoter nodes. The results of studies (e.g., TEN-T corridor studies) and projects (e.g., INTERREG) are considered with a focus on regional/remoter intermodal nodes, which are threatened of being detached from major hubs due to a loss of competitiveness i.e. due to lack of capacity. The paper on hand is one of three reports in the framework of this activity. It focuses on smart port solutions for remoter areas and/or small ports.

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