NSC - Local hydrogen event in Vordingborg, 17. March 2022

Published 17. March 2022

Conference focuses on hydrogen

On Wednesday afternoon, cars streamed to Holberggaard in Bakkebølle not far from Vordingborg. Diesel, petrol and a few electric cars brought the participants to a joint workshop afternoon organised by Vordingborg Erhverv in cooperation with the EU project North Sea Connect.

However, three participants arrived in the very cars the conference was about, namely cars powered by hydrogen (H2) - the number one element. CO2-neutral cars - maybe even cars with minus CO2 emissions, as one of the three hydrogen car owners said in his presentation.

Hydrogen as an environmentally friendly fuel for transport was on the agenda, and 70 business people and other interested parties spent the afternoon learning more about whether hydrogen in a tank is the best way to make our transport more environmentally friendly.

Among the speakers were also all three owners of the hydrogen cars, therefore it made sense for them to get involved in the topic of the conference.

Among others, this was Anders Tystrup, press spokesman at Toyota. Toyota was one of the first car manufacturers to launch a hydrogen car. Anders is driving the latest model - a Toyota Mirai.

Lars Jakobsen, sales manager of the hydrogen energy company Everfuel, also drove up in a Toyota hydrogen car and was joined in the car park by Tejs Laustsen Jensen, director of the hydrogen industry.

There they gave a presentation on hydrogen as a future green and climate-neutral fuel in the transport sector together with Bolette Christensen, director of Vordingborg Erhverv, and Anders Andersen, chairman of the climate and technology committee of the municipality of Vordingborg.

Bolette Christensen welcomed the participants and said, "The EU politician - the radical Morten Helveg Petersen - has worked hard to create a better framework for the green transition by the EU - and he said in a recent interview that ... "The goal has always been that we should be the wind healer of the world" - and I can promise you that there is now a huge business adventure in Denmark with enormous growth potential. So the question is whether we should add that we also want to be the hydrogen kings of the world. The agreement contains important decisions that will create a whole new industry in Denmark - the PTX industry - and an industry that we are betting on here in the municipality of Vordingborg."

Hydrogen production in operation

Tejs Laustsen Jensen is director of the hydrogen industry and gave the packed hall at Holberggaard an engaging insight into the state of hydrogen production in Denmark. There are a number of projects all over the country and the production of hydrogen is progressing well, Tejs Laustsen said.

And furthermore, Tejs Laustsen Jensen sees good growth and development opportunities for the PTX industry in the municipality of Vordingborg.

"The prospects for Vordingborg are great. Firstly, there is already activity in the area and secondly, there is access to a lot of renewable energy. But at the same time there is good potential for further expansion, and that is sort of the premise: If there is not enough green energy, then none of this makes sense," says Tejs Laustsen Jensen.

Anders Andersen, chairman of the climate and technology committee in the municipality of Vordingborg, emphasised in his presentation that the climate issue is high on the political agenda.

"Climate, energy and economy are interlinked, and this is especially the case in Vordingborg Municipality. It is an engine for our development. Vordingborg Municipality in general has great opportunities for green transformation: we have plenty of space, affordable land and good infrastructure with thick power cables, ports, motorways and railways," says Anders Andersen, chair of the Climate and Technology Committee.

The municipality of Vordingborg's clear focus on green change and the development of green industries has made itself felt in the hydrogen industry:

"I get the impression that it is something that is strongly supported and desired in the region. There is also good access to infrastructure, which is an important prerequisite, so there are definitely good opportunities here in the region," says Tejs Laustsen Jensen.


Photo credit by Vordingborg Erhverv