Kick-off meeting Hamburg, 1st and 2nd of September 2020

Published 04. September 2020

The hybrid kick-off meeting of NSR Connect took place in Hamburg on the first and second of September. Ingo Egloff, CEO Port of Hamburg Marketing, welcomed all participants to Hamburg and thanked the NSR Joint Secretariat for the smooth approval procedure.

All partners gave an insight in the COVID19 related situation in their country and the expected impact on NSR Connect. Luckily, all partners agreed that COVID19 has only limited impact on the implementation of their project activities.

Gunnar Platz (Planco) introduced the draft overall work plan. The document defines activities and sub-activities based on the application, but in more depth and detail - in order to have a basis for planning and monitoring the project throughout its lifetime. The final work plan will be an annex to the partnership agreement.

The second day started with discussions on current developments (COVID-19) in the transport and logistics sector and their impact on NSR Connect activities. After a short presentation from Gunnar Platz about the impact of COVID-19 on the German transport and logistics sector, all partners gave some insight about the situation in their region/country. As the main impact is expected in the container segment, most partners see limited impact on their business. Bremen sees a relevant impact in the automotive sector.

Afterwards, Annemieke Feikens, Project Advisor at Interreg North Sea Region Programme, presented relevant rules and regulations for the implementation of NSR Interreg projects. She also announced some major relevant events, firstly the recorded webinars from June 2020 and the Online North Sea Conference on 10th November 2020.