Approved North Sea CONNECT Call 12 Rail extension, 15. June 2021

Published 15. June 2021

With the approved extension by the Steering Committee, NSR connect will take up the Year of the Rail initiative and strengthen the integration of rail into NSR logistics system. This will be achieved through a pilot project, where transferrable solutions for strengthening rail in ports and port hinterland traffic are developed. Rural areas and ports will benefit from the experience and power of urban regions and ports, whereas larger ports benefit from the flexibility and innovation potential of smaller ports and regions. Finally, these activities will contribute to bridging between the core and comprehensive TEN-T network. This will increase the connectivity of remoter areas in the NSR.

NSR Connect will use the momentum of the European Year of Rail, to highlight the benefits of rail as a sustainable, smart and safe means of transport in the NSR. A variety of activities across Europe, the potential of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel and the goals outlined in the Green Deal will enable the pilot to showcase the potential of this specific example in the NSR.

The pilot will be integrated as new activity in Work Package 4 "Development of implementation of new smart processes (smart intermodality)". It will be implemented in Hamburg by the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and is about integration of port railway systems with public railway system. The aim is to enhance interoperability, strengthen reliability, reduce waiting times of rail operation in ports.

The new NSR Connect pilot activity focuses on new smart processes, smart intermodality. Both topics are also in the focus of the new HPA pilot, however, highlighting slightly different perspectives. The new pilot activity builds a perfect addition to the exisitng pilots and can be smoothly integrated into the overall project.

Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) will be the reponsible partner for the pilot implementation. Port of Hamburg Marketing will support HPA with its network and international experience. Both partners together will steer the exchange process together.