All aboard! North Sea Conference 2022

Published 25. May 2022

All aboard! North Sea Conference 2022

Set in the historic centre of lovely Bruges, the North Sea Conference 2022 put green and digital transitions in the spotlight. The conference took place 23-25 May 2022.

The North Sea Conference 2022 is jointly hosted by the North Sea Commission, the Province of West Flanders, and Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship with support from the North Sea Region Programme.

The agenda was filled with exciting content and interactive sessions.

Copyright: Interreg North Sea Region

Copyright: Interreg North Sea Region

This capitalisation event explores project successes and what makes them fly. Working together across borders, partnerships come up with solutions that can drive positive change at a larger scale. But how do they make sure it happens? Everyone took a deep dive to explore projects that succeed in passing on their best ideas. Regarding those aspects, the first day was packed with examples of how North Sea Region projects are changing the world! The participants were able to discover outstanding projects and take part in fast-paced sessions where they learned and networked with other delegates. Furthermore, everyone got the experts' best tips on how to influence policymaking and expand the media reach.

The second day was the main conference. Especially trends in the North Sea Region were presented and discussed. In addition, a lively panel discussion on driving green as well as resilient and digital transitions took place. Moreover, various workshops were launched, in particular focusing on the following topics: Climate resilient North Sea Region, connected North Sea Region, Green powered North Sea Region, Smart & circular North Sea Region.

On day 3, the participants GOT READY for new North Sea projects. This event was for those who would like to apply for projects in Call 2 of the North Sea Programme 2021-2027.

The North Sea GET READY, formerly known as Interwork, prepares the participants for every aspect of the application process, from fact sheets to indicators. They also learned about the options to apply and the eligibility requirements. The project advisors and the National Contact Points helped with any questions the participants had.

As some rules and processes are changing between the current and the future programme, this event was both for newcomers and experienced Interreg colleagues.

All in all, the three days were extensively filled with interesting topics and the thematic personal physical exchange with partners, stakeholders and interested parties after the corona pandemic was a great enrichment for all participants.


Copyright: HHM/Johannes Betz