GET READY: Join the blockchain app test

Will you participate in the GET READY event 25 May? Are you curious about blockchain and willing to help our very own BLING project? 

BLING invites you to test its brand new, blockchain-driven app!

The purpose of the app is to solve privacy issues of attendance sheets. Such paperwork is often required for documenting participation in meetings and events. 

Join the test

Join this exciting live test and experience how blockhain technology works in practice.

The Self-Sovereign Attendancy (SSA) app allows users to collect proof of attendance. Such proof is often required or useful. For example, medical staff need to proof they attended an event for their professional accreditation; students may need proof that they were present at lectures to pass an exam; or employees can show their managers they visited a conference.

Why this app?

The app solves the problem of using the traditional attendence sheets. Paper sheets might get lost, and having the lists in plain sight is a privacy issue for the organiser. In some cases, the list may even contain fake entries as there is no input control.

Blockchain is the solution

The SSA app allows users to collect proof of attendance by scanning a 'secret' during an event. This secret - in this version a QR-code - can only be scanned within a limited time during the event. Scanning the code results in a secure proof that is stored on the blockchain.

A verifier (e.g. your manager or teacher) can ask you to verify your attendance for an event. You can then share that proof with the verifier. As a result, attendance sheets are no longer needed.


Why this test?

BLING tests the first version of the SSA-app at the GET READY event to collect feedback from early users and to see if the app works in a real-life situation.

How to participate  

Joining the test is very simple. All you have to do is install the Self-Soverign Attendancy app on your smartphone. You can find the app in the iOS and Android app stores.

You have to enter your name during installation. Please know that your personal information does not leave the app, except when you explicitly allow it to do so.

When the app is installed, you can scan the 'secret' - the QR-code - of the North Sea Conference 2022. We will make sure you will find the code during the conference.

And that is all.

Privacy and the test

The app does not collect personal information of users. Attendance is registered anonymously. The reason why you need to enter your name in the app is that verifiers sometimes require the user to disclose their name to complete the verification process.

Help the BLING project

By testing the app, you are lending a hand to BLING and their quest to make public services better and more efficient with blockchain technology. You will become a super-tester when you visit the small BLING booth during the conference and share your likes and dislikes with the project team!

More information about the SSA app

You can find more information about the app at

The BLING project continues to add new information to this site so please return later if you did not find what you are looking for. If the information on the website is not sufficient, try to find the BLING project during the conference. They can talk for hours about the app!

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