North Sea Commission events

On 23 November, the North Sea Commission will host the following events. These events are by invitation only.

08.30 - 16.00  Youth event

North Sea Commission member regions are invited to send young representatives (two per region) to the event, which will cover topics from the North Sea Commission’s agenda. More information will be sent to members and questions can be directed to Youth Advisor Esme Leitch.

09.30 - 12.30  Study tours

Study visit 1 :  the Port of Oostende - hub for blue innovation, science and economy
During this site visit you will learn about the transformation of the port of Ostend from a modest fishing and ferry port into a leading hub for ​​blue growth. The port area offers space for traditional sectors such as fisheries, but also for innovation clusters, knowledge institutions, start-ups, recreation and tourism. The actors operating within the Ostend blue ecosystem , form a chain of testing facilities for research, science and innovation. The port functions as a maintenance port for the nearby offshore wind farms. Onshore, at the beach, there are testing facilities for different types of nature based solutions. The site hosts the offices of different, renowned maritime institutions like the Flanders Marine Institute, EMODNET, IODE of UNESCO and the Marine Board. More inland Blue bridge,  located at the Ostend science park, acts as an incubator for new developments…
This vibrant ecosystem has found its home in an area that still bears the scars of a lively history, with visible remains of both world wars and the Napoleonic period.
Study visit 2 : Europe in Bruges
During this walk through the beautiful city of Bruges , projectmanagers from the city of Bruges will offer you an insight in the different European projects that have helped the city to tackle some of the major challenges they are faced with as a local authority today.
Through cooperation with various partners throughout Europe, the city of Bruges has managed to roll-out some very innovative projects dealing with climate change, mobility, water management and green corridors …

12.30 - 17.30  Annual Business Meeting (including lunch)

The highest decision-making body of the North Sea Commission will meet physically again. For those regions who are still restricted from travelling to Bruges, an option for remote participation will be organised. Meeting documents will be sent out in the beginning of November.

17.30 - 18.00  Executive Committee meeting

A short meeting to follow up decisions from the ABM, if needed.

When and where

Youth Event

When: 23 November.
Where: De Republiek, Sint-Jakobsstraat 36, 8000 Bruges.

Study visits

Study visit 1 :  Leaving from Hotel Casselberhgh at 8h30 ( back at Casselbergh around12h15 )
Study visit 2 :  Leaving from Hotel Casselbergh at 9h (back at Casselbergh around 11h)

North Sea Commission Annual Business Meeting and Executive Committee meeting

When: 23 November 
Where: Hotel Casselbergh, Hoogstraat 6, 8000 Bruges.