Towards new horizons  

This year's conference is the first-ever virtual North Sea Conference! While this was not our first choice, we have taken best efforts to ensure you will find it lively, informative and interactive.

Join us for a dynamic, fast-paced virtual conference with lots of possibilities to engage with the North Sea Commission, the Joint Secretariat, our National Contact Points and - not least - other participants! 

High ambitions, future focused

The conference marks the launch of the North Sea Commission's North Sea Strategy 2030, while its breakout workshops double as the final stakeholder consultation for a new North Sea Region Programme.

The workshops will address some of the most imminent and pressing issues in the North Sea Region, e.g. how can the region best up the pace and help Europe become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050?  

The event will provide you with an an excellent opportunity to virtually connect with North Sea stakeholders focused on transitioning to a greener and smarter North Sea Region.

When and where

The virtual conference takes place on 10 November 2020 10 am - 1 pm, with an optional extra hour from 1 pm - 2 pm for delegates to host or virtual chatrooms/workshops and continue discussions.

Moderated workshops 

There will be six moderated workshop sessions taking place during the event. You will be able to select your two preferred choice of workshops as part of the registration process. We will do our best to accommodate each participants workshop choices.

Virtual chatrooms

Please note that the all virtual chatrooms are now fully booked.  

Have you got a topic or idea that you are burning to share or and discuss? Then you might be interested in organising your own online workshop.

There are 15 virtual rooms available where participants can organise self-hosted workshops or chat forums after the conference. These rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. The rooms will be open, i.e. any of the conference participants will be able to join. The room links and a short description of the content will be posted on the conference website in advance of the event. 

As organiser of a virtual chatroom, it is your own responsibility to facilitate and organise the content and discussions. 


Register here for the conference. You will receive confirmation of your registration and choice of workshop(s) as well as the necessary links and guidance via email in due course.  


The conference is hosted by the North Sea Commission and supported by the North Sea Region Programme.


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