Whilst we are not able to manage your hotel bookings directly, we have negotiated conference rates at the venue, Marstrand Havshotell and some alternative hotels. 

Please note that Marstrand has a limited number of hotels and they will fill up fast.  For this reason you are advised to book your accommodation as quickly as possible. 

The conference rates listed below are available until 30 April 2019. 

All accommodation will be paid upon arrival.

Paying by invoice is only an option for those with a Swedish address and a Swedish tax number. Invoice information should be sent to the hotel at least two weeks before arrival and include a booking number.

Cancellation for all of the accommodation listed below is free of charge one month before arrival.

All rooms are booked and paid directly with each hotel!

Book your room

Marstrands Havshotell (conference venue)

There are two different promotional codes that need to be used for the Marstrand Havshotell - depending on how many night you will be staying:

NORDSJO19 – if you book more than one night 
NORDSJO1N – if you are only staying one night 25-26 June
Price: 1,472sek/room/night

*the codes only work for single rooms. If you are interested in sharing a room with twin beds please contact the hotel directly:

How to book at the Marstrand Havshotell:

1. Go to the hotel website:
2. Click on “Booking” (up in the right hand corner) – chose “Book a room”
3. Choose the tab (top right in blue line) 'I have a code'
4. Type in your code “Promotional Code”
5. Verify your code
6. Chose the date you wish to arrive and number of nights you wish to stay
7. Choose no. of persons one* per room
8. Available rate will then appear “Konferens Logi” (translates into: Conference accommodation)
9. Click on “Select” to choose the no of rooms you wish to book
10. Click “Continue” and follow the instructions

Please note: The total price for the number of nights is shown on the right side of the room description (in red).

Address: Varvskajen 2, Marstrand 442 66, Sweden.

Grand Hotel Marstrand

Rooms for 24-26 June
22 singles
Price: 1,800sek/room/night

For booking e-mail: and refer to NORDSJO
Address: Rådhusgatan 2, 442 67 Marstrand, Sweden. 

Hotell Villa Maritime

Rooms for 25-26 June
22 single rooms
Price: Single room 1,800sek/room
10 two bedrooms room (a total of 20 rooms)
Price: Two bedroom rooms 1,500sek/person (separate rooms, share wc/shower)

For booking e-mail: and refer to NORDSJO 
Address: Hamngatan 35, 442 67 Marstrand, Sweden


Rooms for 24-26 June
19 single rooms
Price: Single room 1,800sek/room
2 two bedrooms room (a total of 4 rooms)
Price: Two bedroom rooms 1,500sek/person (separate rooms, share wc/shower)

For booking e-mail: and refer to NORDSJO
Address: Långgatan 6, Marstrand, 442 67 Sweden