Master thesis based on NON-STOP

During the spring of 2021 two engaged students from Copenhagen Business School has worked on their master's thesis with the title: Digital Transformation of Small- and Medium Sized Ports: A Case Study of the NON-STOP Project

With an analysis around the interesting and relevant research question: “How can small-and medium sized ports access the possible benefits of becoming more digitalised?” the master's thesis utilizes novel and interesting theoretical perspectives, such as sensemaking, and dynamic capabilities coupled with interviews with several NON-Stop project partners to reach interesting discussions and conclusions.

The study finds that the SMPs are facing four external challenges moving the port industry towards an extensive digital transformation that poses a threat to their previous role and identity, draw up relevant recommendations on how to alleviate these challenges and outlines possibilities for future research.

The thesis was awarded with 12, the highest grade on the Danish grading scale and together with the relevant issues of digitalisation in SMP this is a highly inspiring and relevant read.


Read the thesis here:


On behalf of the entire NON-Stop partnership we wish Susanne and Maren the best of luck in the future :-)



Ports & Digitalisation: Free Webinars 

A smart modernisation and eco-innovative approach in port management has become key to allow port authorities to cope with ever growing multifaced challenges and make a step forward, by moving toward a more advanced, as well as environmentally friendly future.

In the framework of the NON-STOP project a series of webinars will be organised and the first topic is how this digital transition affects port management. For the first webinar we invited three speakers which you will be able to ask questions and follow up on the panel discussion.


WEBINAR 1 - Port digitalisation & Management  - 08/04/2021 from 10.30 am to 12.00 pm

WEBINAR 2 - Intelligent digital water quality  - 06/05/2021 from 10.30 am to 12.00 pm

WEBINAR 3 - Closing Conference of PECS (Interreg VA 2seas Progam) - 19/05/2021 from 11.00 am to 13.00 pm

More information on the webinar, the speakers and registration can be done through this link:

United Nations paper on: Digitalizing the Port Call Projects 

In the recent paper that United Nations recently published it is stated: 

"It becomes essential for the port of tomorrow to be connected to the global supply chain, in particular, by being informed about upstream progress to ensure its ability to plan its operations successfully and optimally. Through the introduction of digitalization and enhanced procedures of collaboration and data sharing, this can be enabled."

Click here to access the full paper: 

Free event help by NPorts on 08/07/2020 
On the 8th of July 2020 NPorts held a free event where they presented the NON-STOP project and the goals that they have for the project. 

The presentation and information regarding this event can be accessed here: 

Link to website - NPorts and NON STOP

Link to Presentation - NPorts and NON STOP 

Students and NON-STOP

NON-STOP have recently started to collaborate with students. Currently have the following projects been enrolled:

  • 2 subject theses on Digital Port Twins were chosen for Bachelor students by GreenBridge and the Port of Oostende

In Emden 2 theses have been helping NPorts with the development of a water and sediments management sensor-based system.

The thesis from a Bachelor student currently being done is expected to help the port understand better the inter-dependencies between natural or anthropogenic influences, sedimentation and port operations in the locks and pumping station

  • A further master thesis will start specifically to develop a suitable long-term monitoring concept, and further collaborations is discussed. 

As they will write and investigate in different pilots, the students will contribute to discover new solutions to our project

Article published about Zwolle´s digitalization 

On 28th May article about Zwolle´s digitalisation activities on Nieuwsblad Transport. The article can be found here.  

Interview with Nieuwsblad Transport

On 7th May 2020 Jeroen van den Ende was interviewed by Nieuwsblad Transport ( and talked about the work the Port of Zwolle has been doing on digitalisation, especially the App part of the project.


NON-STOP Brochure

A brochure on the pilot project desprictions is made to create a overview of NON-STOP. Click here to open the brochure. 



On the 25th and 26th of August the partners managed to held a two-day hybrid meeting with partners both present in Copenhagen or on a virtual platform. The meeting consisted of a full review of the status and progress of pilots, followed by a workshop of digital solutions of ports. Read here about the meeting and the different presentations presented. 


Seaports and Corona

As highly globalised and dependant on natural progress in our societies, many ports are suffering from the consequences of the Corona outbreak. However, the outbreak may also support an acceleration of digitalisation. The daily port activities with handling goods over the quay also includes several human contact points. These physical contact points has become challenged due to spread of virus and may be avoided through further digitalisation. Read here a little more on the concerns and possibiilties that the outbreak may have on digitalisation in ports.


NON-Stop and Corona

NON-Stop seeks to maintain progress amid the Corona outbreak. A lot of things that for decades has seemed as the right and only way to do stuff is now being challenged. As one of the pivotal point in NON-Stop is to include increased focus on digitalisation the partnership is also making virtual meetings. Until we can start meeting each other safely in person, we are organising virtual partnership meetings, group meetings and several bilateral meetings. On May 5, 2020 we will have our first online partner meeting where all partners are participating and we are able to share the progress of our pilots etc.


The position of ESPO on digitalisation

The EU Sea Ports Organisation supports digitalisation. In the ESPO position paper " ESPO’s Roadmap to implement the European Green Deal objectives in ports" (February 2020) states: "Digitalisation will increase the transparency in the supply chain and can help create awareness of the carbon and environmental footprint of the whole supply chain. By improving the communication, gathering and exchanging real-time information among different parties, logistics processes can be optimised and transport infrastructure and means (avoiding empty trucks, trains and ships) can be used in a better way. Digitalisation must be seen as an additional instrument to meet the Green Deal objectives. (...) Digitalisation is an important additional measure to achieve energy transition of the maritime sector. Transport digitalisation projects must be further supported. " (


UTCAD recognise the high value of digitalisation

In its "Review of Maritime Transport 2019" (October 2019) UTCAD (United Nation Trade and Development) recognised the high value of digitalisation and that " With the spread of digitalization and automation in the shipping industry, the requirements and skills needed for individual jobs will change ". The review states that "Port and shipping operations can tap into the opportunities offered by digitalization, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and blockchain." (


NON STOP successfully lunched in Zwolle!

The project officially started on the 30th October 2019 in Zwolle with the participation of various European companies specialised in different digitalised systems (smart management sensor-based systems and platforms, drones, IoT). More info and PPT here