The Port of Emden´s fluid mud recirculation system is now digitally controlled

Within the NON STOP project Niedersachsen Ports was able to confirm the benefits of fluid mud recirculation through a trailing suction hopper dredger in the Port of Emden and improve it via a sensor-based digitally crontrolled water and sediment management system. The company Aimpulse Intelligent Systems GmbH developed the intelligent dashboard that now allows the harbout authority to monitor the dredging quality and the water discharges from hinterland. The additional component of a solar powered measuring buoy realised by NPorts complements the system making use of an alternative, renewable energy source. The consortium TU Delft/Deltares/GEOMAR Kiel/Hamburg Innovation performed microbiological investigations over a 1 year period and concluded that freshwater admixture did not impact the rheological response of fluid mud, provided that the same density was maintained. This implies that future possible increases in fractions of hinterland freshwater will likely not impede the effect of the current practice of maintenance dredging. Incorporating such an integrated self-sustaining measurement system enables long-term maintenance support and eliminates the need for future frequent ship deployments in the framework of measurement campaigns, thus reducing energy consumption and emissions from ship diesel, ultimately leading to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. See Emden`s final report: Integrated Water & Sediment Management Dashboard.


Greeening the Ports of Zwolle, Meppel and Kampen gets the attention of local media

The introduction of the ShipLogic App in the 3 ports of Meppel, Zwolle and Kampen together with the adoption of Onshore Power Supply has received much attention by the local media. “We were the first to install shore power for river cruises in Kampen. The skippers are not obliged to use shore power, but we do entice and encourage them to switch to shore power,” said the Managing Director Jeroen Van den Ende. “That network will be further rolled out in the coming years.” NON STOP and its EU co-financing were a great push in providing green alternatives to the the Zwolle area. The See article in "Port of Zwolle werkt aan groene en gouden toekomst voor havens" (in NL). For the installation of the OPS equipment the 3 Municipalities collaborated with the companies Kenter BV, Olbotec BVEnexis BV, Fudura BVTechelec BV and Van Gelder BV.


 The Municipalities of of Zwolle, Meppel and Kampen introduce onshore power for ships and digitalise their ports

The involvement in NON STOP has supported the Zwolle region in its objective to become more environmentally friendly and efficient. Being able to provide landside electricity to ships docked in ports through the installation of Onshore Power Supply units will now help the ports of Zwolle, Meppel and Kampen to reduce emissions and noise. This complements other newly introduced solutions aimed at projecting the 3 harbours into the future, e.g. digitization of port services, considered as an important theme in the development of the comprehensive area. “Thanks to the Interreg project NON STOP, we have been able to take an important step in the field of digitalization and we are now working with a new port management system,” explained Wendy Meijer, harbor master of Meppel. In the ports of Port of Zwolle there is a coming and going of ships that have to be registered. To register the ships, the harbor masters looked for a system that fits well with expectations and the Shiplogic system was chosen. This system has an interactive map on which the ports can be monitored and the ships are automatically detected. With one click on the ship, the details of the owner or paying party can be immediately requested and invoicing can be easily done. The reports from the system provide useful information when making policy choices. See what the harbour authority had to say about it in the article (in Dutch) PORT OF ZWOLLE KOERST NAAR DUURZAME TOEKOMST.


Citymesh launches its Air Quality Monitoring in Bruges-Antwerp Port

At the NON STOP final event Citymesh, a leading provider of wireless communication solutions, announced the successful completion of an integrated state-of-the-art air quality sensors, enabling the measurement of various chemical elements in the air, in the Bruges-Antwerp Port (PoAB)Implementing these cutting-edge sensors allows for real-time and precise air quality monitoring, providing deep insights into the environmental conditions within the port. The collected data is then seamlessly transmitted to the PoAB's digital twin, where powerful inference algorithms work their magic. See Press Release here.


"NON STOP" will not stop!

On 14th June in Zwolle the NON STOP partners gathered to present the final results of their 3 and 1/2 year work within the NON STOP project: a sensor-based air quality measuring system in the port of Zeebrugge, a digitalised system for sediments&water management in Emden Port, an App for port dues invoicing in Zwolle, a platform for port real estate management & e-procument, onshore power supply in Korsoer/Meppel/Kampen/Zwolle, a digital twin in the port of Oostende and much more.

But the story does not end here as the partners have committed to continue to collaborate transnationally in the future... Reach out to them if you are also a port enthusiastic about cooperation opportunities! 

See a summary of the project in the NON STOP video


The Antara platform live at Munich Transport Logistics 2023 trade fair

After the Berlin´s launch, the Antara platform for ports´ real estate management and EU-compliant procureent was also shown at the Munich Transport Logistic trade fair (09-12/05/2023) to representatives from the port community. including JadeWeserPort and Niedersachsen Ports which collaborated to its development and testing. 


Andreas Bullwinkel, JadeWeserPort Markefing GmbH & Co. KG, Friederike Berg-Packhäuser, Dietrich Packhäuser, Holger Banik, NiedersachsenPorts GmbH & Co. KG

 Antara 2.0 unveiled at the Erbbaurechtskongress in Berlin

Friederike Berg-Packhäuser was one of the speakers on the Dt. Erbbaurechtskongress in Berlin (06-07/03/2023) with ~ 150 guests. Since in German ports most of the premises are to be marketed under hereditary building rights ("Erbbaurecht"), the German Erbbaurechtsverband is very important for port-related marketing of real estate. Friederike Berg-Packhäuser  was one of the key speakers on this event and gave a lecture about port-related hereditary building rights and tender for those concessions for which the Antara software is meant to be a facilitating tool. The lecture was very successful and the participants were very interested in the topic. The Antara platform is able to incorporate several data, e.g.

  • Land register map/cadastral map
  • Existing buildings above and below the property surface,
  • Contaminated land register,
  • Information about flood protection, dikes
  • Information about the infrastructure provision (quay access, rail connection, heavy-duty access roads, sewage, sanitation etc.).
  • Contracts to be negotiated or concluded as well as
  • Existing permits (building permits, operating licenses, permits under immission control laws, water-related permits, existing noise quotas, etc.).

The software Antara also provides the specialized concession-tender management for contracts of port real estate subject to antitrust law. Via the web-based platform the port authority will be able to create the tender in accordance with applicable European public procurement law. This is a huge accmplishment as so far, there has been no electric tender management system available for (port-) concessions at all.


“The port, port operations and their digital twin WEBINAR

A new webinar has been organised on 27/02/2023 by NON STOP on the innovation and value of port digital twins. Digital twins have shown to be an effective tools for optimizing manufacturing processes without wasting time and resources. The concept has also sailed into the ports. The digital twin can also allow to enhance operations and decision-making by providing real-time data and insights into the port's infrastructure, cargo flow and other relevant variables. However, there are some challenges: limited availability of data, cost of implementation, data security and privacy and of course the integration of the digital twin into the existing systems and workflows of the ports. In this webinar different digital twins of ports and port operations will be presented with the possibilities to discuss the implementation, the challenges it had and the wins it created. The webinar will provide insights from the Port of Antwerp/Brugge, Esbjerg, Livorno and Avreiro. More info here.


ShipLogic and Port of Zwolle allies in digitalising the harbour!

The Managing Director the Port of Zwolle Jeroen van den Ende and Manfred Suttorp of ShipLogic in the presence of the port authorities and other future users signed a contract providing for the use of the ShipLogic App in the port. Water, road and rail connections are available in the port of Zwolle and an important logistics hub function can be fulfilled in the vicinity of the German hinterland. When the improvements to the Kornwerderzand lock are implemented, seagoing vessels will also be able to reach the port of Zwolle and the Netherlands will have a seaport! The choice of a digital port management system fits into this ambitious vision. According to Manfred Suttorp: "In the meantime we have connected a considerable number of ports and this is another great step for ShipLogic. We realize more and more that the continuous expansion and improvement of our software is appreciated by all our users and that the wishes of one port benefit the other. This is also the strength of the system. Our team strives every day to implement these extensions, make plans and collaborate with the main market players in our industry, but the result is worth it worth it. Not only Port of Zwolle, but we too are full of ambition!" - see the article Ambition! (in NL)

NON STOP organises a Hackathon with transnational students

Within the framework of the NON STOP project, a hybrid Hackathon on 05/12/2022 on digitalisation for port authorities was organised in Oostende. Challenges were designed and students had to provide potential solutions. Lead by Bluebridge, representatives from the partner Port of Oostende, NPorts and Citymesh led some of the interesting group discussions. Info on the challenges and solutions can be found here.



“Advanced Technologies for Port Inspections” WEBINAR

Technological devices have been used for years to inspect the condition of port structures and port activities. Companies have connected these devices to drones and ROV to operate with more flexibility and to reduce risky dives. With the increase in performance of sensors and data processing, inspection tasks could be more autonomous and automatic resulting in more reliable and cost efficient port inspection. In this webinar, taking place online on 15/09/2022 at 10h30-12h CET, we will discuss how ports can apply th September these new technologies for quay inspection, oil leakage detection, dock piling and much more. More info and registration here.

Linkedin (002)

NON STOP at the KBC Bank Corporate Sustainability event "Duurzaamheid, het nieuwe digitaal…"

On 13/06/2022 at the Corporate Sustainability event "Duurzaamheid, het nieuwe digitaal…" organized by the bank KBC and the Port of Ostend, Noémië Wouters, CEO of Bluebridge, presented the NON-STOP project to 100 invited bank and insurance employees of the KBC. This to inform them on current possible digital transformation in ports and technology suppliers and the opportunities this brings. On different other events held at Bluebridge´s, a banner of the NON-STOP project was displayed in the networking room.  Different online webinars and workshops with topics concerning digital technology and/or ports were followed. Jurgen Adriaen also participated in a “Blue Hackatlon”  (25-27/04/2022) with the topics on port. The latter should be helpful for organizing the NON STOP own hackatlon. At all these different interactions the NON-STOP project was always presented and synergies and/or collaboration were sought. See Programme here.

NON STOP study presented at the WODCON XXIII - World Dredging Congress and Exhibition

The study conducted by TuDelft and NPorts "INFLUENCE OF RE-CIRCULATION DREDGING ON FLUID MUD DYNAMICS IN SEAPORT EMDEN" (J. Gebert, F. van Rees, A. Shakeel, A. Kirichek, J. Habdank and B. Amman) was presented at the International WODCON XXIII - World Dredging Congress taking place in Copenhagen on 16-20 May 2022. 

AbstractMaintenance of the nautical depth in the seaport of Emden, Germany, is achieved by re-circulation of fluid mud using a trailing suction hopper dredger. Continued re-circulation has proven to maintain low settling rates and to keep yield stresses of re-circulated fluid mud below 50-100 Pa, in combination with densities of 1.15-1.2 t/m³ enabling safe navigation through these layers. It is assumed that low-density extracellular polymeric substances (EPS), produced by a highly adapted microbial community, are responsible for the desired effect of keeping fine-grained sediment in suspension and that the regular contact with the oxygenated water phase during recirculation dredging supports thriving of this community.Climate change models have indicated increased future discharge of fresh water from the hinterland into the saline port of Emden. It is hypothesized that increased freshwater discharge alters the composition and activity of the microbial community and hence changethe prerequisites for maintaining thecurrently favourable properties of fluid mud. In this paper we evaluate this hypothesis by elucidating the main factors governing the success of the current practice of re-circulation dredging in the Port of Emden by means of field and laboratory investigations. Initial results obtained in this ongoing research suggest that the low yield stresses of fluid mud in the Port of Emden are not the result of a specialized microbial community producing high concentrations of EPS, but can be solely attributed to a reduction in density as achieved by re-circulation dredging. Secondly, it appears that future possible increases in the share of freshwater do not affect the sediment’s rheological response, settling behaviour and concentration of extracellular polymeric substances and will hence not adversely impact the maintenance of the nautical depth.

Cruise ships can now enter the port of Kampen and use shore power thanks to NON STOP

The number of cruise ships calling at the quay in Kampen, part of Port of Zwolle, has more than doubled in a few years. This year there are about 200 bookings in the agenda; about 300 are expected for 2023. Cruise ships can enter Kampen emission-free and silently following the realisation of a NON STOP co-financed shore power facility. Jeroen van den Ende, managing director Port of Zwolle, sees the increase in the number of cruise ships in his port as a positive development for all parties involved. ‘For the port, the local residents, the region… Look, tourism provides an impulse in the region. And the installation of shore power contributes to the realization of the port's sustainable objectives.' Harry van Dijk is the contact person from the Tourist Info Kampen and keeps in touch with the shipping companies. 'The port has always been central to the city, even in earlier times. Kampen has a wonderful freight history,' he says. 'Kampen is also called the 'Rotterdam of the Middle Ages'. See more info in Dutch here.


Helicopter view on the green hydrogen opportunity: can digitalisation play a role in the use of H2?

The event "Helicopter view on the green hydrogen” was organised at Bluebridge (20/04/2022) by different companies and institutes. With the port of Ostend (partner in the NON-STOP project) taking interest in the production and use of hydrogen in their port, a specific presentation on this ”H2-event” was made, giving insight on new digital technologies to be used and hydrogen as a clean fuel and so aiming at the purpose of the NON STOP project: more efficient and less polluted ports. Philip Maertens presented “Multiphysics simulation H2 production & storage” in which he showed how to use a digital twin for the production and storage of hydrogen in ports. 122 people representing more than 80 different companies or institutes attended. Full Programme and more info here.

Bluebridge welcomes 25 students from the Europacollege

In the framework of Europa Direct (organized by Provincie West Vlaanderen) on 12th April Bluebridge received 25 students from the “Europa College” (Bruges) enrolled in economic studies, to get insight in the working of European projects. Different companies (POM, De Blauwe Cluster,..) located at Bluebridge gave a presentation on their projects. Bluebridge presented NON-STOP.

The Belgian Offshore: an opportunity to showcase how port dogitalisation can support the offshore industry

As Ostend is known as support site for the offshore wind energy, every year the Belgian Offshore Clusters organize the Belgian Offshore Days with more than 1200 visitors. It is a 2-day event were different stakeholders exhibit their products and services. As digital technologies, and their link to marine conditions and/or activities, are very important on this event, on 8th-9th March Bluebridge had a stand where, aside the project banner, a presentation of NON STOP and their pilots was presented in a loop on the TV of the stand.  In such way we could project the current development in the NON-STOP project , but also look for interaction with other technology suppliers and new innovations. Info on the event here.

NON STOP at the DUAL Ports final conference in Brussels

The NON STOP partners Port of Oostende, NPorts and Port of Zwolle are pleased to invite their project colleagues and their stakeholder networks to the DUAL Ports project´s final event which will take place in Brussels on 16th June 2022. The 2 projects share the common objective of decarbonise ports and make them more eco-friendly through innovative but economically feasible solutions. More info here.


The Municipalities of Zwolle, Kampen and Meppel will participate in NON STOP

The pilot "App for smart harbour fees collection & harbour integrated digitalised management system" is lead by Port of Zwolle Cooperatie (which merges and manages the ports of Zwolle, Kampen and Meppel). However, since it is not the Port of Zwolle Coöperatie but the 3 Municipalities to own the ports´ physical infrastructure, it will be the afore-said Municipalities to pay for some of the equipment for the 3 harbours to connect the digital platform created to a shore power facility. The Municipalities have therefore been involved in the project as co-beneficiaries. The demonstrator is being carried out jointly and part of the costs will therefore be shared.The information gathered about the use of shore power via the App will help calculate the reduction of CO2 in the port. A warm welcome to Gemeente ZwolleGemeente Kampen and Gemeente Meppel

Citymesh joining NON STOP!

The NON STOP partners are happy to welcome in the project Citymesh! Citymesh is a a company specialised in IT solutions, digitalisation and connectivity, innovative intelligent technologies. It is based in Oostkamp, near Bruges, West Flanders. Citymesh will be involved in the port´s Digital Twin pilot with the port of Zeebrugge as test site.

The Port of Zwolle´s Parkline Aqua App brochure is out

As the Port of Zwolle is managing 3 different sites (Zwolle, Meppel, Kampen), the management decided to make the registration of the vessels and the collection of the port dues in a more efficient manner. From 1.09.2021 on, the skippers now can, by utilising a special app developed by Parkline AQUA. This has been realised for the supply of drinkwater, shore power and for the collection of port fees. The app is also used at the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp, North Sea port and the Vlaamse Waterweg (Inland canals Flanders), especially in relation to inland shipping. By using this app, the port authority gets a better view on the number of transactions and its reduces the administrative burden, as well as the number of disputes. Have a look at the newly released brochure made by the port of Zwolle to see how it works.


NON-STOP wishes you a HAPPY  NEW YEAR!


See full wishes card here

Join the wbinar "Whats APPening in the ports"

NON STOP, under the lead of Bluebridge, is pleased to organise the webinar "Whats APPening in the ports" on 15 December 2021, 10h30-12h CET. A smart modernisation and eco-innovative approach in port management has become key to allow port authorities to cope with ever growing multifaced challenges and make a step forward, by moving towards a more advanced, as well as environmentally friendly future. Sparing time and paper while increasing safety, digitalization can help to control port traffic more efficient and to facilitate communication towards port users, being professional skippers, containers truckers or even car drivers. In this webinar different developed App’s used in and around ports will be presented and discussed. With the participation of the Port of Zwolle, CITYKOMI, Piertrucker.

Webinar Non Stop

Ports & digital transformation: the NON STOP Newsletter is out!

If you want to read more about the latest development of the NON STOP ports and companies in the field of digital transition, have a look at the November 2021 Newsletter edition

The port of Korsør on Slagelse.News

"The onshore power plant is one of the milestones in our development towards becoming a modern and future-proof commercial port. A milestone that is both about green conversion, about developing a green business port and about being neighbor-friendly and visionary", sad the Port of Korsør to Slagelse.News. The paper reports that it was a proud port director who on Thursday 7 October officially placed the first "sod" and announced the establishment of a shore power plant in the American quay at Korsør Harbor. There is also a good reason ten. In the future, the new plant will supply ships with electricity, so they will not have their own diesel generators running during a stay in Korsør Harbor. In addition, the plant can supply power to the port's electric cranes as well as loading and unloading equipment. The onshore power plant costs a total of DKK 7 million, of which part is co-financed by the NON STOP project under the North Sea Region Programme. The plant is expected to be ready in the beginning of 2022.

Ready with the spade is a member of the port's board and mayor of Slagelse Municipality, John Dyrby Paulsen (S), in the middle the port's chairman, Hans Henrik Christiansen, and to the right the port director Jimmi Jørgensen.

New smart shore power plant to be installed in Korsør thanks to NON STOP

In June 2021 the Port of Korsør selected the global specialist in energy optimization and automation and supplier of shore power plants Soft & Teknik to install a shore power plant within the framework of NON STOP. "As the area's commercial port, we are part of the important task that is that the region's companies can efficiently transport raw materials and other goods to and from the companies. With the onshore power plant, we can in future make the port's part of the supply chain greener", said Jimmi Jørgensen, Port Director at the Port of Korsør in a press release. According to Korsør Harbor calculations, the plant makes it possible to supply electricity to 80 percent of the ships that call at the American quay. It is not possible with full coverage for the simple reason that some ships are too old to receive shore power. The onshore power plant has at the same time capacity for two ships and two electric cranes. Therefore, in the long term, the plan is also to replace the port's two diesel-powered cranes with a crane that runs on electricity. The potential for green shore power is enormous. For shipping companies and ports, it provides an opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions from ships, while for citizens in the immediate area, it means cleaner air and fewer noise nuisances. More info in Danish here.

Landstrømsanlæg på vej i Korsør HavnFoto:Korsør Havn.

The Port of Zwolle introduces the App Park-Line Aqua for harbour dues collection

Thanks to the NON STOP project, the Port of Zwolle will be able to start digitize the collection and payment of port dues. From 1 September 2021 skippers can report and pay via the App Park-Line Aqua. This can be done via a smartphone app as well as via the software developer's website. “The world is digitizing and the Port of Zwolle is not lagging behind,” said port director Jeroen van den Ende. “The app has advantages for both skippers and the port itself,” says Ronald Bijl, the founder of the platform, on the Port of Zwolle website. According to Bijl, all the actions that must be performed for the payment of port dues come together for the skippers in one place, from collecting tariffs to paying the invoice. “This makes it easier for the skipper to pay port dues and, above all, reduces unnecessary administrative work.” In addition, the port authority gains insight into the number of transactions. Bijl continues: “This makes it known, among other things, how long the ships stay in the port, how much electricity they have used and how much port dues they had to pay.” The fact that Park-line Aqua can expand its services step by step is an important reason why Port of Zwolle has opted for the collaboration. The service will initially only consist of collecting port dues. But it could also be added later that skippers pay for their use of shore power, waste and other services via the App. According to Bijl, Port of Zwolle is leading the way in collecting port dues in an unambiguous way. “The three ports of Zwolle, Meppel and Kampen are among the first ports in the Netherlands to implement changes in the field of digitization for the benefit of shipowners.”  More info here in Dutch. 


On 3rd June 2021 1st edition of Port Debate with the port of Zwolle and NT

Port of Zwolle, in collaboration with Nieuwsblad Transport, is organizing the first Port Debate in Zwolle on Thursday 3 June. National and regional players enter into a debate on topics relevant to the region. 

The Zwolle region has the ambition to become the fourth top economic region in the Netherlands, with Port of Zwolle as an important driver. In particular, the strategic location towards the hinterland should make the area attractive for new parties. In order to be able to follow the ambitions, Port of Zwolle is working on an icon program. This program forms the basis for the Zwolle Port Debate. During the debate, four important topics are discussed: making inland shipping more sustainable (also via digitalisation, as in NON STOP), multimodal accessibility, nitrogen problems and circularity. Both regional and national players are discussing this with each other. Watch, listen and join the debate on Thursday 3 June from 2 p.m. Don't miss out and register here.

New sensor-based system at the Port of Oostende

A new digitalised sensor-based camera system was installed in the Blue Accelerator, thus allowing the Port of Oostende a smart real-time remote control of maritime data and conditions in a cost effective and sustainable manner. The decision to opt for streaming data instead of using optic fibers has resulted in energy reduction, however it is too early to quantify it.  


Another Master thesis based on NON-STOP

During the spring of 2021 two engaged students from Copenhagen Business School, i.e. Maren Ydstebø and Susanne Erichsen, worked on their master's thesis with the title: Digital Transformation of Small- and Medium Sized Ports: A Case Study of the NON-STOP Project

With an analysis around the interesting and relevant research question: “How can small-and medium sized ports access the possible benefits of becoming more digitalised?” the master's thesis utilizes novel and interesting theoretical perspectives, such as sensemaking, and dynamic capabilities coupled with interviews with several NON-Stop project partners to reach interesting discussions and conclusions.

The study finds that the SMPs are facing four external challenges moving the port industry towards an extensive digital transformation that poses a threat to their previous role and identity, draw up relevant recommendations on how to alleviate these challenges and outlines possibilities for future research.

The thesis was awarded with 12, the highest grade on the Danish grading scale and together with the relevant issues of digitalisation in SMP this is a highly inspiring and relevant read.

 Read the thesis here: 

On behalf of the entire NON-Stop partnership we wish Susanne and Maren the best of luck in the future :-)


A Master Thesis helping NPorts implement its NON STOP Intelligent Water&Sediment Management pilot 

The Master Thesis "A sensor-based water monitoring in the port of Emden: concept development and testing" was realised by Martina Ritter within the scope of the Port of Emden´s pilot aiming at managing its water and dredging system in a smarter and digitalised manner. The key focus of her work was around a measuring buoy constructed by NPorts.

Background and motivation:

  • Already frequent measurements of dredging-relevant parameters (e.g. density & shear forces) in the fluid mud body
  • But no possibility yet to draw direct inferences from long-term water measurements on actual (real-time) living conditions of fluid mud bacteria


  • Theoretical conceptualisation: which core aspects would a long-term, sensor-based water monitoring system in the port of Emden generally need to respect?
  • Practical testing of a pilot measuring system: which inferences can be drawn from field-measurements in the port of Emden (e.g. concerning shipping, wave variability, turbid water or fluid mud itself)


  • first groundwork on how a long-term, sensor-based water monitoring system could be implemented in the port of Emden in order to monitor living conditions of the fluid mud bacteria

Read more about her work here. The partners would like to thank Martina for her contribution!! 


Ports & Digitalisation: Free Webinars 

A smart modernisation and eco-innovative approach in port management has become key to allow port authorities to cope with ever growing multifaced challenges and make a step forward, by moving toward a more advanced, as well as environmentally friendly future.

In the framework of the NON-STOP project a series of webinars will be organised and the first topic is how this digital transition affects port management. For the first webinar we invited three speakers which you will be able to ask questions and follow up on the panel discussion.


WEBINAR 1 - Port digitalisation & Management  - 08/04/2021 from 10.30 am to 12.00 pm

WEBINAR 2 - Intelligent digital water quality  - 06/05/2021 from 10.30 am to 12.00 pm

WEBINAR 3 - Autonomous maritime transport - 03/06/2021 from 10.30 am to 12.00 pm 

More information on the webinar, the speakers and registration can be done through this link:

Participation of NON STOP to final conference of PECS project (Interreg VA 2seas Progam) - 19/05/2021 from 11.00 am to 13.00 pm

A few NON STOP partners will attend the online final conference of the PECS project where port energy and carbon saving solutions will be showcased. The partners were made aware of this knowledge exchange opportunity by the Port of Oostende, that is a beneficiary of both ERDF co-funded initiatives. 

The Port of Zwolle and Oostende showcasing the potential of green transition for ports

On the 26th of March the NON STOP partners Ports of Zwolle and Oostende will attend the webinar "Inland ports boosting the green and circular mobility transition" where they will present their digitalisation and carbon/energy efficiency solutions achieved with the support of the North Sea Programme. Other speakers include Turi Fiorito, Secretary-General European federation of Inland Ports; Janneke van Veen, DG RTD, European Commission; MEP Caroline Nagtegaal, Tran committee Vice-coordinator, Renew Europe. See the full programme here

Inland ports play an increasingly important role in the greening of Europe’s transport system. The envisioned modal shift from transport by road to waterways and railways in the coming years provides a valuable opportunity for the development of inland ports as circular green energy hubs. This webinar, organized by the Dutch provinces of Overijssel and Northern Netherlands, will highlight the important contribution of Small and Medium inland ports in the transition to a sustainable and circular mobility sector. Enhancing circularity will be beneficial for the people, business, and regions and cities. In particular circular initiatives combined with sustainable transport modes will contribute to economic benefits, climate neutrality, and will harness the potential of innovation. Combining the topics of circularity and transport is an unique opportunity to contribute to reaching objectives of the European Green Deal. Get inspired by the examples of circular frontrunners Port of Zwolle, Port of Oostende and Port of Hvide Sande and learn about the opportunities for SME’s!

NPorts to represent NON STOP at the MUDNET 2021 Conference

On the 29th of March Janis Hadbank will attend the MUDNET conference to present "Maintenance Dredging in Emden Harbour. Port of Emden pilot in INTERREG NON-STOP: intelligent sediment & water management". See the programme here.  MUDNET is meant as a platform for discussion between stakeholders and scientists interested in the complex properties of fine-grained sediment (mud). This first online conference is open for anyone to register (registration is for free) with a maximum of 100 attendees.

Mud from the port perspective. The first day of the conference (29th of March) will focus on  sediment management and its challenges in European ports.  In the plenary discussion we would like to highlight which open questions need answering to improve handling of fine-grained sediments. Mud from the research perspective. On the second day of the conference (30th of March), more in-depth discussions will be initiated regarding specific aspects of the complex behaviour of mud in natural systems. These aspects are grouped under different topics - RHEOMUD, BIOMUD, SONIMUD, NAUTIMUD, 4DMUD, FLOCMUD, YES!MUD); a description of each topic can be found at The concluding plenary session will discuss the link between mud research and mud practice.


NON STOP at the NSC Transport Group webinar on Clean Shipping & ports

On the 11th March 2021 NPort will participate at the NSC Transport Group - Clean Shipping & ports, Intelligent Transport Solutions and TEN-T´s online event to showcase its work on the port dredging and sedimentation improvements in the NON STOP and DUAL Ports project. See here for more info.

In this North Sea Talks webinar it will be possible to learn more about the policy framework and funding opportunities for sustainable and smart mobility in the North Sea Region. The webinar will present project examples and practices within Clean shipping & ports and Intelligent Transport across the North Sea, and discuss input to the TEN-T revision process. The webinar is organised by the NSC Transport Group (Advisor: Jon Halvard Eide).

United Nations paper on: Digitalizing the Port Call Projects 

In the recent paper that United Nations recently published it is stated: 

"It becomes essential for the port of tomorrow to be connected to the global supply chain, in particular, by being informed about upstream progress to ensure its ability to plan its operations successfully and optimally. Through the introduction of digitalization and enhanced procedures of collaboration and data sharing, this can be enabled."

Click here to access the full paper: 

Free event helped by NPorts on 08/07/2020

On the 8th of July 2020 NPorts held a free event where they presented the NON-STOP project and the goals that they have for the project. 

The presentation and information regarding this event can be accessed here: 

Link to website - NPorts and NON STOP

Link to Presentation - NPorts and NON STOP 

Students and NON-STOP

NON-STOP have recently started to collaborate with students. Currently have the following projects been enrolled:

  • 2 subject theses on Digital Port Twins were chosen for Bachelor students by GreenBridge and the Port of Oostende

In Emden 2 theses have been helping NPorts with the development of a water and sediments management sensor-based system.

The thesis from a Bachelor student currently being done is expected to help the port understand better the inter-dependencies between natural or anthropogenic influences, sedimentation and port operations in the locks and pumping station

  • A further master thesis will start specifically to develop a suitable long-term monitoring concept, and further collaborations is discussed. 

As they will write and investigate in different pilots, the students will contribute to discover new solutions to our project

Article published about Zwolle´s digitalization 

On 28th May article about Zwolle´s digitalisation activities on Nieuwsblad Transport. The article can be found here.  

Interview with Nieuwsblad Transport

On 7th May 2020 Jeroen van den Ende was interviewed by Nieuwsblad Transport ( and talked about the work the Port of Zwolle has been doing on digitalisation, especially the App part of the project.


NON-STOP Brochure

A brochure on the pilot project desprictions is made to create a overview of NON-STOP. Click here to open the brochure. 



On the 25th and 26th of August the partners managed to held a two-day hybrid meeting with partners both present in Copenhagen or on a virtual platform. The meeting consisted of a full review of the status and progress of pilots, followed by a workshop of digital solutions of ports. Read here about the meeting and the different presentations presented. 


Seaports and Corona

As highly globalised and dependant on natural progress in our societies, many ports are suffering from the consequences of the Corona outbreak. However, the outbreak may also support an acceleration of digitalisation. The daily port activities with handling goods over the quay also includes several human contact points. These physical contact points has become challenged due to spread of virus and may be avoided through further digitalisation. Read here a little more on the concerns and possibiilties that the outbreak may have on digitalisation in ports.


NON-Stop and Corona

NON-Stop seeks to maintain progress amid the Corona outbreak. A lot of things that for decades has seemed as the right and only way to do stuff is now being challenged. As one of the pivotal point in NON-Stop is to include increased focus on digitalisation the partnership is also making virtual meetings. Until we can start meeting each other safely in person, we are organising virtual partnership meetings, group meetings and several bilateral meetings. On May 5, 2020 we will have our first online partner meeting where all partners are participating and we are able to share the progress of our pilots etc.


The position of ESPO on digitalisation

The EU Sea Ports Organisation supports digitalisation. In the ESPO position paper " ESPO’s Roadmap to implement the European Green Deal objectives in ports" (February 2020) states: "Digitalisation will increase the transparency in the supply chain and can help create awareness of the carbon and environmental footprint of the whole supply chain. By improving the communication, gathering and exchanging real-time information among different parties, logistics processes can be optimised and transport infrastructure and means (avoiding empty trucks, trains and ships) can be used in a better way. Digitalisation must be seen as an additional instrument to meet the Green Deal objectives. (...) Digitalisation is an important additional measure to achieve energy transition of the maritime sector. Transport digitalisation projects must be further supported. " (


UTCAD recognise the high value of digitalisation

In its "Review of Maritime Transport 2019" (October 2019) UTCAD (United Nation Trade and Development) recognised the high value of digitalisation and that " With the spread of digitalization and automation in the shipping industry, the requirements and skills needed for individual jobs will change ". The review states that "Port and shipping operations can tap into the opportunities offered by digitalization, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and blockchain." (


NON STOP successfully lunched in Zwolle!

The project officially started on the 30th October 2019 in Zwolle with the participation of various European companies specialised in different digitalised systems (smart management sensor-based systems and platforms, drones, IoT). More info and PPT here