Port Digitalisation & Management


On 8th of April 2021 a free webinar on ports, digitalisation and change management were held.

10h30: Introduction

10h40: “Change management in port digitalisation”, Susanne Erichsen & Maren Ydstebø followed by Q&A

11h00: Presentation “Digital Readiness Index for Ports“, Robert Philipp followed by Q&A 

11h20: “Crafting and successful implementation of digitalisation strategy in a managerial perspective“, Cheryl Basil, followed by Q&A 

11h40:  Wim Stubbe gives a reflection on the presentations followed by panel discussion and Q&A

11h55: Closing Words

Three presenters brought forward different aspects to the subject, where two of the presentations are available to download from the following links: 

Change management - Master thesis Presentation 

Digital readiness index for ports - Robert Philipp