NON STOP kick off event and "Digitalisation for sustainable management of ports" conference on 30th October 2019 in Zwolle

The NON STOP (New smart digital Operations Needed for a Sustainable Transition of Ports) project will offcially start with a conference on the added value and applications of DIGITALISATION IN SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZED PORTS. The event will take place in Zwolle (NL) on the 30th October at the Hotel Lumen (14:30-17:30) and will be followed by a visit to Zwolle´s Football Club. See agenda hereTOPICS: Digitalization to IMPROVE SAFETY in ports of regional importance; Inter-active sensor-based PORT MANAGEMENT PLATFORM to optimize logistical and maintenance port operations; Smart sea/landside port management to ENHANCE ENERGY USE; Digitalization CREATING VALUE in the port sector – the new way of thinking, Port environment (water/air/noise/light) SMART MONITORING (DRONES, SENSORS). Among the speakers:

  • NON STOP Project leader Jeroen Van den Ende, Managing Director, Port of Zwolle
  • Jesper Jönsson, JS Interreg North Sea Region Programme

  • Wim Stubbe, Business Development Manager, Port of Oostende
  • Tom de Block, Alliance for IoT Innovation (AIOTI)

  • Ines Distel, SICK AG

  • Giovanni Massari, SAIPEM

  • Dennis de Witte, AQUASMART XL

  • Theodor Preststulen, Mavisoft
  • Piers Ward, Navigation Solutions