Stakeholder engagement

The North Sea Region Programme has a large community of highly engaged stakeholders. We appreciate and value your thoughts and opinions very much and have designed a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy to guide the process of gathering stakeholder inputs. The Joint Secretariat has conducted the following activities to collect feedback from our stakeholders.  

1. Stakeholder consultation surveys 
The secretariat conducted an initial survey among national and regional bodies of the member countries.

Subsequently, a public consultation was launched between 10 July and 30 September 2020. Respondents had the opportunity to give their inputs on programme contents and administrative procedures. The consultation received 391 responses.  

Download the consultation report

2. Surveys about our Online Monitoring System 
We launched five surveys asking for inputs on different aspects of our online monitoring system, the central platform for project management, application and reporting. In total, the surveys received 331 responses. 

3. Surveys about our website
We launched two online surveys about the website for the new programme. These surveys received 17 responses.

4. Stakeholder Exchange Group on LinkedIn
This group was set up to enable stakeholders to voice their views and discuss them with other group members. The group is also used as an additional channel to inform about events and milestones reached in the programme development. The group is open for anyone interested. 

Join the stakeholder exchange group  

5. Workshops at the virtual North Sea Conference
The North Sea Conference took place on 10 November. The conference included 8 breakout sessions designed to collect final inputs from our stakeholders for the new programme.  

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