Q&A Indicators online February 22

How many output indicators can I apply per work package?

This depends on your project's framework, the objective of the work package, and how you structure your work package. However, either one or two is acceptable (please keep in mind that the output on 'organisations cooperating across borders' is selected automatically for your project and the target equals the number of partners participating in the project).

Can a policy brief, with advise to adapt regulations, be an output indicator? We can assure that it will be received but not that it will be implemented.

A policy brief can count as an output indicator (strategies/action plans jointly developed). Please keep in mind that the output is about the product - what you are coming up with during the project. At the result stage, you must think about how likely it is that this strategy/action plan will be taken up, adopted later on.

What is the target for a "report" as deliverable, the amount of reports or the amount of people that will receive the report?

It is the number of reports for which you should provide a target, not the number of people who will receive the report.

If I have a programme of pilots, let's say with 10 pilots, how should I write the outputs and results? E.g. Pilot = 1; Result = 10?

The pilot is the output indicator, and the result that corresponds to this is 'solutions taken up or up-scaled by organisations.' So you must consider what solution/s would be taken up or up-scaled as a result of a given pilot and estimate how many solutions there should be at the end of the project lifetime. A project with 5 pilots might contribute to 5 solutions or it may have fewer, because several pilots could contribute to one solution.

Can one activity lead to more than one deliverable e.g. internal event, report, communication event?

Our best advice is to separate out activities so that each activity has one deliverable. At the EOI stage, you won't need to provide the deliverable, but you will when working on a small-scale project or full application.

Can an output be the same as a deliverable produced under one of the main activities of the Work Package?

No, deliverables and outputs are two different indicators in the programme's intervention logic. In the work package, you will list your activities. In the full application, you will also describe the deliverables that are connected to those activities, and provide a target for each deliverable. At EOI stage, however, you do not need to provide the deliverables. There can be several activities contributing to an output; indeed, all activities in a work package can contribute to an output. But to summarise, a deliverable is connected to an activity, while an output is the indicator attached to an entire work package.

Where can I look up the list of possible delivererables and output indicators outside the oms? is there a fact sheet on it?

Please see Fact Sheet 22 for a list and the definitions of outputs and deliverables.

Is there a max nummer of activities per WP?

No, there is no maximum. But please keep the number of work packages reasonable (3-5 is recommended), consider which activities fit in each and cluster them in order to make the work plan logical.

How strict should we be with the result "organisations with increased institutional capacity"?

The reporting on the achievement of your target on this result will be based on a survey that we will implement in the OMS, and all projects will use the same survey to measure institutional capacity. The survey will include questions about the type of organisation whose capacity has increased, in which field, etc. What is important at application stage is thinking about a realistic number of organisations that will participate in certain capacity building-related activities carried out by the project, and thereby experience an increase in capacity. However, we are preparing more guidance on this particular result indicator, so please stay tuned for more information on this.

Is a training an output indicator under ‘Pilot actions developed jointly and implemented in projects’ or under ‘Strategies and action plans jointly developed’?

A training itself is an activity in a work package. It can be quantified with the deliverable internal event or external event. Depending on what your project is about, the activity could contribute to the ouput indicator "pilot actions jointly developed" or "strategies/ action plans jointly developed".

Can I combine the output indicator "Pilot actions developed jointly" with the result indicator "Joint strategies and action plans taken up by organisations"?

We are working with a matching set of indicators in the North Sea Programme. In order to take up joint strategies/ action plans they need to be produced first. Hence, the uptake of strategies has to be connected with the output indicator "strategies and action plans jointly developed". The output indicator "pilot actions developed jointly and implemented in projects" will have to be connected with the matching result indicator "solutions taken up or up-scaled".

Are outputs such as final flagship events ‘Pilot actions developed jointly and implemented in projects’ or ‘Strategies and action plans jointly developed’?

A final flagship event itself is an activity in a work package. It can be quantified with the deliverable external event.

What is an acceptable number of pilots a project can carry out? We're planning 7, but is this reasonable or should we try to do more?

Based on experience a target value of 7 seems to be a realistic goal. However, in general, the number of pilots is depending on the project content and what is needed to achieve the project´s objectives. When planning the target values for the pilots you should focus on quality, rather than quantity.

We are working on a small scale project. How do we have to apply the indicators in a small scale project?

Small-scale projects have the same indicator set as regular projects. The difference is that small-scale projects have one work package only. However, it does not mean that you cannot have more than one output or result in the project.

Can an implementation of behavioral change be seen as a pilot?

It depends what exactly the project is planning to do. Please get in touch with your project advisor about this.

You can define 0 - 1 -2 communication objectives. If you can define 0 communication objectives per WP, how is the communication objective obligatory?

In the application form you have to provide a work package objective and a communication objective per work package in a text field. The application cannot be submitted without having filled out these two parts per work package.

How would you suggest to proceed in activities that have 2 clear deliverables (Ex roundtables that include events, exchanges and a report summarising findings)?

Our advice would be to separate them. Activity 1 would be organising and implementing roundtables, with a corresponding deliverable of 'External events' and activity 2 would be summarising findings of the roundtables, with the corresponding deliverable of 'Reports'.

If you define 2 communication objectives for one WP can you add another box 200 characters?

There is only one text box available for the communication objective(s) per work package. No matter which application form you are working in, there are 200 characters available in the communication objective text box.

For a small-scale projet (one work package), should the outputs be the same as the results because there is only one work package?

Small-scale projects have the same indicator set as regular projects. The difference is that small-scale projects have one work package only. However, it does not mean that you cannot have more than one output or result in the project.

Strategies, action plans (developed/ taken up) are indicators for prio 4. Is that one for all partners involved or can it be several (one per partner involved)?

The indicator's name and the definition in Fact Sheet 22 suggests that the strategies/action plans are developed jointly and that 'joint' strategies/action plans are to be taken-up. Per definition in Fact Sheet 22, the development of the pilot action must involve organisations from several countries. It is also in line with the transnational character of the project and justifies the need for transnational cooperation. The number of strategies/ and action plans depends on the set-up of your project.

It seems that you're mixing the two terms of outputs and outcomes in your presentation. There are significant differences though. This might confuse applicants.

The programme is operating with i.a. the building blocks "activities" quantified by deliverables, "output indicators" and "result indicators". We have used the term outcomes during the webinar to describe what outputs are. We are sorry if this has caused confusion on your end and we will stick to the official terms in the future. We have also changed the term in the PPT that will be uploaded.

Is it one line of description that you want to see for the activities? Or should / can it be more?

When working on activities, you will be asked to provide a title per activity. The title should be short and precise. On top of that a description per activity has to be provided which should be more comprehensive. No matter which application form you are working in, there are 200 characters available in the communication objective text box.

Can you have more results than outputs?

We are operating with a matching indicator system in the North Sea programme. Please find more details in Fact Sheet 22 and consult your project advisor.

Should we still define the impact of a result to the NSR area, in the description? E.g. % of NSR?

Yes, projects are encouraged to provide information about the overall impact you are envisioning. Please go ahead and describe the impact in the free text boxes, e.g. in case of a full application in the sections A.2, C.3 and C.9.

What do 'targets' refer to?

Targets refer to target values identified by the project for measuring the achievement of deliverables (e.g. 5 'internal events' organised), output indicators (e.g. 4 "pilot actions developed jointly and implemented in projects") and result indicators (e.g. 4 "solutions taken up or up-scaled by organisations").

Is project management with all its coordinations and reporting included in the WPs (e.g. partnership and increased capacity)? Not a WP of its own any longer?

There is no explicit work package for project management. Hence, you are asked to include them in the other thematic work packages. If you are working on a small scale project, you have the possibility to describe the project management in section C.6. In case of full applications you can find it under C.7.

Are your definitions of "deliverable", "outputs", "outcome", "targets" and "results" explained somewhere? In a fact sheet perhaps?

You can find all information about the intervention logic and the indicators (including the definitions of the indicators) in Fact Sheet 22.

So, just to clarify: If I have 10 pilots, which will be 10 solutions upscaled by project end. Should we say Output = 10; Result = 10 then?

If you have 10 pilot and you are envisioning that they will all be taken up or up-scaled at project end, your example is correct. In order to count a pilot towards the corresponding result indicator ("solutions taken up or up-scaled by organisations") a successfully piloted solution should document what is needed for it to be taken up or to be up scaled. Please find more information in Fact Sheet 22.

Can we have an example (available online?) of full application already approved?

This is unfortunately not possible because we are currently in Call 1. No applications have been submitted or approved yet.

If an organization participates in an Extermal Event Activity, does that then count them as having their capacity increased?

No, this does not count as capacity building. In order to be counted towards this indicator an organisation must have undergone a learning process through project activities. This is defined as more than one instance of exchange in which the organisation played an active role. Please find more information in Fact Sheet 22. We are currently also working on additional guidance about the capacity building indicator.