Apply in Call 2

Call 2 is open! Please find below all the information and guidance you need to apply in this call. 

Who can apply?

Organisations based in the North Sea Region 2021-2027 may apply. 

Types of applications 

Call 2 is open for the following types of application:

  • Expressions of interest
  • Small-scale project applications
  • Full applications based on successful Call 1 expressions of interest
  • Full applications without a preceding expression of interest. 

Open call period

The opening and closing dates are the same for all applications: 

Opening date: 1 August 2022

Closing date: 14 November 2022 at 17.00 CET. 

Find partners

Use our partner search (beta version) to share your project idea and enable potential partners to contact you. Or browse to see project ideas uploaded by others. 

Find guidance

To get started on your application ahead of the call, please consult the guidance below.

Tailored guidance note on Call 2

Please make sure to download the dedicated guidance note for Call 2. It is crucial that you read all parts of this document before you submit your application. 

Download guidance note on Call 2

General guidance

Please consult our general applicant resources, including tips and advice for using the Online Monitoring System.

General resources for applicants

Get advice

Please make sure to consult our National Contact Points and project advisors before you submit your application. 

Each project advisor is dedicated to one or two priorities: 

Priority 1: Anne Pintz, Katerina Kring, Hans Wevers.
Priority 2: Jesper Jönsson & Marie Martin Kjærsgaard, with Peter Racz & Jenny Thomsen on specific objective 2.5 on urban mobility.
Priority 3: Peter Racz, Jenny Thomsen.
Priority 4: Anne Pintz, Katerina Kring, Hans Wevers.

Deadline for advice by the Secretariat: Please note that the secretariat cannot offer content-related advice on your application after Friday, 21 October. However, you can still consult the National Contact Points on content up to the deadline for submission. You can also continue to ask the secretariat for technical assistance through 14 November.