Apply in Call 1

Call 1 has closed.

Below is the announcement of the first call in the 2021-2027 North Sea Programme. 

Who can apply?

Organisations based in the North Sea Region 2021-2027 may apply. 

Which topics are covered?

We have set out four priorities including 10 specific objectives. Your proposal must address one specific objective. 

What is the rate of co-financing?

We provide 60% of the total budget in ERDF funding, except for Norwegian partners. The Norwegian co-financing rate is 50%. 

Options for applying

You may choose to apply for a small-scale project, or you can submit either an expression of interest or a full application for regular projects.

Please note that it is ONLY in Call 1 that you may submit a full application for a regular project without first submitting an expression of interest. See the graphic below and the guidance note for more information about these options. 


Deadlines for applying

The Online Monitoring System is open for preparing and submitting applications in the following periods: 

Applications for small-scale projects: 16 December 2021 - 7 March 2022 (23:59 CET)

Expressions of interest for regular projects: 16 December 2021 - 7 March 2022 (23:59 CET)

Full applications for regular projects: 16 December 2021 - 22 April 2022 (23:59 CET) 

The approval process

Our Monitoring Committee will take final decisions on the submitted applications on 28 June (small-scale projects and expressions of interest) and 20 September (full applications). Subsequently, we will inform all applicants about the decisions.

Guidance for Call 1

We strongly recommend you explore the resources below when working on your full application. Please note that we are continuously updating our guidance materials, so please use the links below to ensure you are reviewing the latest versions. 

Background information
Priorities, specific objectives and spotlight themes (updated 16 December 2021)

Guidance material
To apply successfully, it is crucial that you are familiar with the following material:

Guidance note for Call 1. Covers nearly everything you need to know about the first call, however we strongly recommend you to also check the resources below. 

Video tutorials - how to apply online

Signing the letter of intent

Adding a partner manager

Signing State Aid self-declarations

Adding an Authorised Signatory

Webinar recordings and presentations covering a range of tips for navigating the new programme, from small-scale projects to setting goals.  

Set up your account in the Online Monitoring System

How to submit your expression of interest online

How to submit your full application online

Fact sheets providing crucial information about the new programme's rules and procedures. 

Find project ideas and partners  
Use our project ideas platform to publish your project idea or browse through the published ideas. Go to the platform 

Application Forms
For information only - you are required to complete the form directly in the online monitoring system.

You can find examples of the application forms below. These examples might contain small differences with the application forms in the Online Monitoring System.

Expression of interest for regular projects

Full application for regular projects

Full application for small-scale projects

Need help?

You are welcome to contact Project Advisor Jesper Jönsson with any question you might have.

Tel: +45 2135 8923

You may also get in touch with the National Contact Point in your country. 

Deadlines for technical support from the secretariat

Please note: The Joint Secretariat can only provide technical support to applicants after 11 February for expressions of interest and small-scale project appplications. For full applications, we can offer support until 31 March. However, you can stilll turn to the National Contact Points for assistance on content up to the deadlines for submission.