HZ University of Applied Sciences

Scithos as a pilot focuses on the validation of predicting the movement behaviour of visitors. Insights are generated partly via collected GPS data during the MOVE project and partly by bringing together all previously collected information by the Knowledge Center Coastal Tourism.

The collected data and information is about (displacement) behaviour of visitors in and around Domburg. Ultimately, Scithos can be used as a tool to make complex mobility related issues open for discussion for relevant stakeholders. Subsequently, through scenarios (and/or an adaptation in the physical space/ development of a new service) create insight (through a calculation) in the possible consequences of a choice made. No stakeholders are involved at the start of the development of this pilot. It is however the Province’s desire to develop such tools that contribute to increasing the participation of residents and other relevant stakeholders in complex regional and local issues (related to tourism and recreation, with the focus on mobility).

In this sense, Scithos differs from the other pilots, as the concepts of these pilots aim to have a direct effect on making mobility in the region more sustainable, while Scithos can help clarify the possible consequences of an adjustment of policy and /or the choice for a new mobility concept.


Scithos simulation Domburg