Integration of public transport and target group transport

Gemeente Middelburg

In MOVE, the Municipality of Middelburg is working on a pilot between the city of Middelburg and the city of Vlissingen. In collaboration with the Province of Zeeland, Municipality of Vlissingen and Connexxion. The issue we are facing is that the traditional – especially offer oriented – public transport has the risk of becoming unpayable in Zeeland. The same goes for the so called ‘WMO-transport’ (transport for elderly in particular). The contents of this pilot are focussed on streamlining the transport by organizing a demand-dependent flexible transport for the everyday public commuters and targeted group transport (elderlies). To be specific: in this pilot aims to organize a bus service between Middelburg and Vlissingen that picks up regular public transport passengers as well as elderlies. For this a draft project plan has been established. The next step is creating a timetable with the associated materials. Start of the service is planned for the end of 2020.

An additional part of this pilot is a study for future possibilities as well as impossibilities of a ‘people mover’ between Middelburg and Vlissingen. A people mover is an autonomous van. It is purely a feasibility study which will be carried out in the final half year of MOVE. It is not intended to accompany this with a test phase in the MOVE project.