Development of a digital platform

Gemeente Middelburg

The development of a digital platform is focussed on a digital tool (app) in which you organize your own journey. Through this digital tool you are able to acquire travel information, subsequently can make a reservation and in the end a payment can be made. Thus: 1. Information/planning, 2. Reservation, 3. Payment.

What does Middelburg do specifically within MOVE for this pilot? In detail, the municipality of Middelburg works together with municipalities and the Province of Zeeland in a co-production for an upgrade of the Municipal Transport platform. This is a central platform where bus fares as well as WMO-transport fares (see pilot 1) can be reserved. This happens now primarily through telephone contact.  With the development of a GVC 2.0 (Municipal Transport platform) , it will be possible to book your travel through an app with the three aspects: Information/planning, Reservation and Payment. Having this tool is therefore also important for pilot 1.




Link with MOVE objectives: Enlarging accessibility and usability of public transport and WMO transport, which leads to maintaining the use of these forms of transport which is important for providing base mobility, social integration, reducing individual car use and reducing car flows, alleviating parking pressure and diminishing travel bottlenecks in the city.

For clarification: the development of GVC 2.0 will be instead of a MaaS app (MaaS is mobility as a service). This is extensively described in the previous email with explanation about minor change requests.