The Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership

HITRANS is the statutory regional transport partnerships for the Highlands and Islands focused on delivering integrated, multi-modal, transport solutions, working with public and private partners towards the Regional Transport Strategy (improvements of busses, of access to healthcare, active travel and travel information). HITRANS are well placed to test and deliver low carbon transport solutions bringing immediate social and the environmental benefits to isolated and remote rural communities.

The interventions set out in the project align very closely with the HITRANS regional transport strategy and will allow us to deliver practical projects that improve our opportunities to marry low carbon transport with new emerging solutions for shared transport services. This will apply equally to any pilot within our own area as it will from learning from projects delivered by other project partners. HITRANS will use its own local and national networks for valorisation and dissemination.

Role in MOVE: HITRANS main role in the project will be to lead jointly with NHS-H on the delivery of the pilots addressing social exclusion by improving accessibility and low carbon travel/logistics opportunities into a main population centre from rural and peri urban areas (WP4). This will test the feasibility and transferability of solutions between partner areas and across the North Sea Region. HITRANS will also support local dissemination and the valorisation of the project approach and results (WP2&5).


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