Landkreis Northeim

Since 2015, the County of Northeim (CoN) is actively working on mobility under the “Regional Strategy Brunswick”. All aspects of mobility will be examined and solutions for the whole region developed. The aim is to develop appropriate and affordable mobility offers for rural areas. On this basis the regional transport plan of the ZVSN (public transport authority organisation) has been adopted in 2017, comprising various projects and measures to optimise mobility by multi- and intermodal offers.

Transnational cooperation and implementation innovative activities in the partner countries will help the CoN to improve regional mobility by including new and different solutions to overcome negative demographic changes and related mobility problems. The CoN will benefit from the exchange of experience on innovative approaches to introduce, organize and manage multi-modal transportation to strengthen public transport and decrease motorised individual traffic.

Role in MOVE: The key role of the CoN will be the coordination of the implementation of the pilot project (WP4) in the region. This will include directly addressing the target group (students) and creating additional interconnected mobility services which would not be possible without the target group using this service. The new additional mobility service would be usable for everyone. CoN will also coordinate the adaption and optimisation of the existing public transport offer towards e-mobility.


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