Intergemeentelijke vereniging voor ontwikkeling van het GEwest Mechelen en Omgeving.

IGEMO is an association of cities and villages in the region of Mechelen, Belgium. The objective of IGEMO is the promotion of regional sustainable development. This entails services (e.g. to inform the public on housing on behalf of the local authorities) and projects, such as MOVE.

Through years of service to local authorities, IGEMO has extensive experience in the fields of housing, real estate, local economy, business parks, and sustainability projects. IGEMO has also gained expertise in mobility, including cycling, mobility planning, freight traffic and traffic data management. In addition, IGEMO is coordinating local actions for people with difficulties to access the labour market, due to training, social issues etc., but also due to limited mobility.

As IGEMO has the ambition to promote sustainable development at a regional level, the promotion of sustainable mobility is an important goal. There is a political demand to encourage private initiatives to take up a more important role in this field. In a peri-urban context, this requires an active and strategic approach of IGEMO. By participating in MOVE, IGEMO wants to develop and implement an approach to create a market for private mobility services in peri-urban and rural areas.

Role in MOVE: IGEMO will develop a local mobility pilot under WP4 together with local players (users and SME’s). The main focus of this process should be to unable sufficient critical mass to create viable transportation services. Strategies to achieve this goal will be the exploitation of interlinkages and complementarities in existing transport streams, and the activation of currently unexploited niches. IGEMO will also be active in WP1: management and WP2: communication and participate in the valorisation activities of WP5.


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Pieter Dresselaers