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The Smart Mobility Research Group (SMRG) is an interdisciplinary research team which draws from the fields of business information systems, economics, statistics, and data science to investigate topics related to intelligent and sustainable mobility. The core competence of the SMRG is the practitioner-oriented evaluation of new technologies and concepts in the domain of mobility. Thus, our core objectives include development and testing of innovations, creation of business models and information systems regarding sustainable solutions for mobility, the analysis and integration of electrical vehicles (e.g. e-cars and e-bikes) for current and future energy systems (e.g. Smart Grid), and mobility user acceptance.

Business information systems research is particularly conducive toward close practical cooperation on mobility due to the ability to address modern economic challenges such as urbanization, climate change, and digitalization. The SMRG benefits from MOVE as it provides the opportunity to connect and learn from other international institutes, to research end-to-end mobility services from development to application, allows to gather new knowledge, which can be formalized and published for re-use.

Role in MOVE: Our main role in the project is to support the development and evaluate mobility solutions in collaboration with the implementation partners which address the unique transportation challenges facing rural areas (WP3 & WP4). The SMRG will engage in the study of user-centric development of solutions and focus on qualitative research. In the end, the SMRG will summarize and analyse findings to provide transferable knowledge applicable in similar cases in Europe (WP3 &WP5).


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