Gate 21

Gate 21 is a partner organization. Our partners consist of regional and local public authorities, private companies and universities, who form projects and cooperate to enhance green transition and green growth in Greater Copenhagen. This is done through developing projects together with research institutions and private businesses. Our competences are strong in sustainable mobility planning and SUMPS, public – private innovations and in facilitating projects with many partners

Gate 21 wishes to be in front with the development of innovative sustainable solutions in transport – also in rural areas. We have worked past years in urban environments and this is an opportunity to focus on business solutions across public and private sectors in rural areas. Gate 21 will follow the works of MOVE and will benefit from the knowledge, both hand-on and scientific. We will benefit from the partnership with other European partners who also seek solutions in rural areas.

Role in MOVE: Gate 21 will collect the project knowledge from WP3 and WP4 and support the dissemination and the valorisation of the project in the region of Zealand (WP2 & WP5). Gate 21 will organise a seminar (WP5) held with partners also working on innovative mobility solutions. As a partner platform Gate 21 will communicate and transfer knowledge to other municipalities in the region by newsletters and masterclasses.


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Anna Thormann