Use Case Papers

Below you will find short descriptions and a link to the Use Case Papers of the LIKE! Project. Click on the picture to open the full Use Case Paper.

Blockchain & Debts


The Groningse Kredietbank (GKB; the municipal credit bank) helps customers with repaying their debts and gain control over their expenses by using the technology of blockchain. Do you want to know how this works, click on the picture above to read the full Case Paper Study.

Customer Contact and Interaction


Governmental organisations and municipalities are facing challenges on improving public services, communication and participation. De Vereniging Directeuren Publieksdiensten, VNG Realisatie, Howaboutyou and Like! and almost 50 municipalities have shared and combined our experiences and new approaches in this publication. To read the full Use Case Paper of this project, click on the picture above. Click here to read the full publication (Dutch)

Targeted Content for Neighbourhoods


How can local government provide citizens with the proper and necessary information without over-informing them? The Municipality of Groningen’s Communication Department has come up with a good solution to such issues: as part of its neighbourhood-specific working method, it sends its subscribing citizens a weekly neighbourhood newsletter with need-to-know information at neighbourhood level for one of five neighbourhoods of choice.