Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council is looking at several areas a part of the Like! work. It is involved in the Internet of Things and is working with the UK’s Digital Catapult to run a local IoT trial using LoRaWAN technology. The Council is also active in the areas of Information, Analytics and Intelligence and innovative service transformation. The Council is establishing an Office of Data Analytics, a county-wide virtual team of analysts using data from multiple sources to help forecast future scenarios. This in turn will assist policymakers as to what prevention services need to be deployed to manage demand in different areas, such as health and social care. The Council is also involved in a Public Service Innovation Centre, collaborating with British Telecom (BT). Council staff work with BT technologists to work on innovative solutions to policy-based problems a hothouse/Agile approach. Other projects are in development, including chatbots for customer service and dashboarding techniques using PowerBI. The Council is keen to collaborate with other Like! partners in these areas.

Suffolk County Council
Endeavour House
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