Province of Drenthe

The province of Drenthe is a regional authority dealing amongst others with social-economic development, water management, spatial planning, social planning & cultural issues. As formulated in our RIS3, our aim is to develop the region into one that, in the Europe of 2020, will maximize social and economic benefits by utilising technological advances and cutting-edge research. We do this with our innovative businesses, knowledge institutes and public authorities.

Drenthe will take the lead in organising international Hackathons (4-6) (WP 3). We bring technical entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, creative entrepreneurs, students & public authorities together which will result in new applications and product leads. Two to three of those product leads will be elaborated in 2-3 pilots and tested in the market. In WP 4 we will work with the partners to develop real smarter services for a more efficient government which leads to the new services in the project period.


The Province of Drenthe
Westerbrink 1
9405 BJ Assen
The Netherlands