Municipality of Rotterdam

Rotterdam Municipality is in the Dutch Municipalities-top-10 who offer the most digital services to their citizens and entrepreneurs.  The municipality serves over 670.000 citizens and over 50.000 smaller and bigger businesses, of all kinds ( The public services spread from core public services, such as documents, registration, and social security, to social services (care and protection for children, young people and vulnerable adults, poverty interventions, debt control intervention and services etc.) to law and regulation based interaction with citizens and businesses: licencing and regulation, surveillance and enforcement, etc.

Rotterdam aims to continue developing our services, wether it is providing information, or delivering products or services or specialized support. The ambition is to deliver reliable, contemporal services.

Important key ambitions from the Rotterdam strategy:

  • “know your customer”, and manage expectations
  • Continuous development of contemporal services: explore new trends and (technological-) developments, and adapt: Rotterdam as a national laboratory for public services.
  •  Multi-channel services are core: digital, as well as on paper, by phone, or face-to-face
  • Human-centered, lean, clear and swift and reliable service delivery
  •  Based upon the principles of the attentive servant, flexible organisation, efficient processes, and technically supported service delivery.

We can share our knowledge about numerous and diverse topics, such as user experience, neuro marketing, social intranet and evaluation tools.

Rotterdam takes active part in all work packages with the focus on WP 3 and WP 4. Rotterdam has developed an extensive programme on innovation and customer service improvement. An example: Rotterdam created its own innovation model. This model is valuable for Like! since it attempts to align people, ideas, motivation and knowledge/skills by a variety of methods & networks approaches in order to tackle societal challenges. Share proven practices & learn is key for Rotterdam.

Gemeente Rotterdam
Coolsingel 40
3011AD Rotterdam
The Netherlands