Municipality of Groningen

Groningen is a young and vibrant city in the north of the Netherlands. The municipality is responsible for the delivery of public services both locally and regionally. It has a strong commitment and need for participation of all citizens and businesses in governing the municipality. Groningen is a forerunner in Open Data and innovation in digital delivery of services (see INTERREG NSR projects 'Smart Cities' and 'Opening up'). The city is also known as a centre of innovation, runner up in the 2014 European Smart Cities Competition.

Groningen is Lead partner and initiator of the Like! project. Groningen is responsible for the project coordination (WP 1/ WP 2) and will assure the partnership as a whole works together in a structured, open & transparent way in order to deliver tangible results. During the whole project Municipality Groningen will assure input from outside (be it experts or start-ups or citizens) as an integral part of the way the project partners work together. Quality & progress assessment & evaluation approach is part of WP 1.

Municipality of Groningenundefined
Kreupelstraat 1
9712 HW Groningen
The Netherlands