Where will Like! projects Final Conference 2019 take place?

08 August 2019 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
The Final Conference will be held in Groningen. Venue is the EnergyBarn and Groningen Campus. Let us introduce you to these interesting buildings.

The EnergyBarn is a sustainable building that was built with local materials. The EnergyBarn showcases different activities surrounding the topics of sustainability and development. For instance: monthly Barn Talks are held, where insights on sustainability and the energy transition are shared. The Energy Barn is located on the grounds of EnTranCe at Zernikelaan 17.It is an important showpiece of EnTranCe. EnTranCe, Energy Transition Center, is created for scientists, students, businesses, authorities and social institutions to come together and share their knowledge on the transition to clean, renewable and affordable energy.


The Final Conference will have both masterclasses and excursions on the Groningen Campus. The Groningen Campus has transformed from a regular Campus into one of the biggest and most important mature campuses in the Netherlands. In addition, Campus Groningen is Netherlands’ fastest growing Campus and the second biggest in terms of total numbers of jobs.

Click here and sign up for the Final Conference on the 3th of October and explore Groningen! Go to the 5G lab or Bytesnet. Visit the Centre for Information Technology or the Digital Society Hub and CONNECT TO THE FUTURE.