Trust Research Report

06 March 2020 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
Trust in eGovernment – a transnational survey in 5 EU countries

The status of trust in eGovernment is one of the topics in the Like! project. The University of Vechta conducted this research. The purpose of this research project is to determine the status of trust in eGoverment. This subject is being addressed by the Centre for Trust Research (CoT) under the scientific leadership of Prof. Dr Martin K.W. Schweer.

In total over 1000 citizens/civil servants participated in this transnational survey which was held in Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium and Denmark. The survey aims to determine the status of trust and mistrust in eGovernment services; key factors that were surveyed included the media competence of users, the willingness to communicate with government employees using media, and the extent to which government agencies work reliably. Overall, about half of the respondents show (rather) high levels of trust in digital services offered by public authorities.

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