Trust and mistrust in the context of eGovernment

20 November 2019 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
The Centre of Trust Research at University of Vechta is currently conducting a transnational research project about trust and mistrust within the context of eGovernment. The survey will enable local governments to adapt their services to the needs of both sides of user groups, those who work in the governmental agencies and citizens alike.

The emerging implementation of eGovernment led to a lively discussion among various research areas concerning several related aspects. Within the context of the influences of trust and mistrust, however, research mostly focusses on technical issues and data protection only. As a result, there is a lack in the empirical foundationregarding potential psychological variables that might influence trust and mistrust in the context of eGovernmental media.In order to address this issue, the University of Vechta –in cooperation with the Like! partners from the Netherlands, Scotland, Belgium and England- has developed a questionnaire that aims to identify citizens’ and public employees’ needs regarding the design and use of governmental digital media.undefined

In the end, this project will enable the development of a conceptual framework that combines the dominant model of technic acceptance with central elements of trust and mistrust research. Furthermore, the results will not only facilitate local governments’ organisational development by providing recommendations that addresses the end users’ needs in the implementation of digital services, but eventually also promote a local digital innovation culture across the whole North Sea Region.

The survey targets anyone using governmental digital services, not just those who possess a state citizenship. If you want to participate in this project, please use this link before the end of November 2019.