The Like! project at the International Design in Government

20 November 2019 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
From 18th-20th of November 2019, the city of Rotterdam hosted together with the annual ‘Gebruiker Centraal Festival’ (User Centered Festival) and the International Design in Government Community the International Design in Government Conference. This year, our Like! partners from Roeselare (BE), Aalborg (DK) and Rotterdam (NL) were contributing to the diverse program. Topics included the Smart Senior transnational project, chatbots in the various Like! cities, evaluating design thinking and the illustrated letters pilot.

The International Design in Government Conference took place from 18th to 20th of November 2019 and focused on themes such as (inter)national trends and the latest insights in the fields of service design, customer services and inclusive services for public service delivery. On the 19th of November, already around 1000 people from all around the world joined to learn more on these themes, to network with colleagues from other cities and countries and to join in conversations on various pilots and topics.

Creating a Digital Innovation Culture in Europe


The Like! contribution to this conference was done via two of the workshop sessions. The first session: ‘Creating a Digital Innovation Culture in Europe’ covered the Smart Senior pilot, chatbots and evaluating design thinking. Grethe Fallesen explained how the Smart Senior pilot in Aalborg was transnationally organized with the help of the city of Rotterdam. Participants were very interested in how results and processes were shared among the two Like! partners. Kimberley van Luchem presented the four different types of chatbots we have in the Like! project and showed the Bertje-chatbot from Roeselare and how he works. And last Elke Wennekers showed her research on service design and presented 10 lessons she learned from evaluating service design trajectories.

Illustrated letters
In the second session, Esmeralde Marsman of the city of Rotterdam explained how municipal letters from local governments can be misinterpreted or even left unread when texts are too long or complicated. Therefore they piloted with various pictures and icons to replace long texts.

Transnational pilots
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