The Creative Platform: Improving Innovation Skills for Aalborg employees

13 July 2018 - Published by Renske Stumpel
The Creative Platform is a method developed by Aalborg University to improve creativeness and innovation. It is a process for creative creation in groups,thus freeing their commitment and ability to participate with all their knowledge, without restrictions of academic, social or cultural character. During a two-day course, 26 employees from Aalborg Municipality were trained in the method, becoming more and more creative and obtaining a thorough understanding of how to deploy the method.

Internal innovation network

As the Aalborg Municipality aims at improving innovative skills of their employees in a sustainable way, it’s not just the one-off training. Goal is to maintain the expertise throughout an internal innovation network. The employees, who were trained, meet 2 to 3 times a year in plenary sessions. Smaller groups get together more frequently to assist one another in using the new learned method and exchanging experiences. On the photo we see one of these groups getting together.

Some examples

The Creative Platform will be used in future Like! projects in Aalborg Municipality for example:

  • How can we improve communication with citizens and SME’s?
  • How can we use chatbots?
  • How can we improve the service to foreign students and employees?
  • How can we engage citizens in development and improvement of their village?

The methodology can be used basically for any task where groups should be creatively creating together.

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