Wanted: Challenges & Teams

29 September 2018 - Published by Herma Otter
In March 2019 the province of Drenthe is in the lead for organizing an international Internet of Things (IoT) hackathon. In a 30-hour pressure cooker session, smart solutions for societal challenges will be created by making use of IoT and LoRaWAN. In an energetic and inspiring setting, the participants are diving into four tracks: mobility, health, safety and sustainability.

To give you an idea, here is an after movie of another hackathon in Drenthe (about circular economy)


Hackathons are a way to boost innovation and a digital innovation culture. Innovation isn’t only for R&D departments, laboratories and universities. Every single person with a bit of inspiration and good thinking can come up with awesome ideas to solve problems and can contribute in shaping our future.

The IoT hackathon is a major chance for every citizen in Drenthe. It provides the possibility to come up with a problem or challenge that your region or municipality faces. For example: how can we measure the number of visitors and their movements in our shopping streets or national parks? How can parking problems be solved? How can we let the roads tell us in what conditions they are? How can elderly people stay at home longer and safer? How can we optimize and customize the routes of garbage trucks? How…. the possibilities are endless!

Please come up with at least one challenge in your region for which you want to find smart solutions! Instead of long term processes and research projects you’ll get inspiring solutions, fresh ideas, prototypes and that just within 30-hours!

We’re aiming at 75 participants (12-15 team of 5-6 persons). And since we’re part of the Interreg LIKE! project, we’re going to work with international teams/team members. 

So, if you have a challenge you would want to tackle? Please contact Esmeralda Top

Further information will be available soon on this website. Please use that to recruit enthusiastic students, startups, entrepreneurs, creatives and tech people.

To be continued….