Co-creating with Smart Seniors in Aalborg

02 October 2017 - Published by Herma Otter
Goal of Project Like! is to enhance the capacity of the public sector to facilitate and deliver innovation for improved public service delivery. To achieve this, co-creation between local governments and its citizens plays an important part in that process. As announced earlier on this website, Like! partner Aalborg Municipality (DK) organised a workshop SMART Senior in September, doing just that: co-creating with citizens.... and a robot.

Like! partner Aalborg Municipality (DK) organised a workshop SMART Senior in September to dicuss and develop ideas on three important issues:undefined

  • How to improve the digital skills from senior citizens
  • How to get senior citizens (better) informed about events in the neighbourhood
  • How can citizens and Aalborg Municipality communicate in a SMART way in the future

Grethe Fallesen from Municipality Aalborg: “This day was really successful! Together with the participants we generated a lot of material and at least 6 useful ideas! The next thing to do is to work through all the material and present the results in a report.”


The participants thought the meeting was a great initiative and were happy to share their ideas.

Over 40 people and 1 robot participated in the workshop. Robot Pepper though not “senior” yet, was present as a special guest to show off his skills on communication and providing information.


The meeting was organised with the help of volunteers from different senior associations in Aalborg and another Like! partner - Municipality Rotterdam (NL).

As soon as the report is presented, publication on this website will follow.