Sharing News and Knowledge

07 September 2018 - Published by Herma Otter
In the province of Drenthe a Newsroom is being set up. A Newsroom is an interdisciplinary approach to communication and customer services. It’s a physical room in which the following disciplines are present: a (strategic) communication advisor, webcare officers from the Customer Contact Centre, social media analysts and web officers. The aim is to listen to what is being said about Drenthe locally as well as national, to monitor upcoming issues, to answer questions via webcare, to be on top of local news and to deliver customer services.

In the past they monitored the online and traditional media as follows: every individual employee followed his own news sources, read the newspapers and followed the social-media accounts that were relevant to him or her. However, none of this knowledge was shared. That work process will be radically changed by this Newsroom.

These past few months several public and upcoming issues have been taken care of in an early stage of the occurrence. The appearance of a wolf, for the first time in over 200 years in Drenthe, for example, was closely monitored online. By this the policymakers were able to respond and react to all the sorts of reactions of the public in a suitable manner. Many people feared the wolf, other people were very glad with this appearance. Daily reports were handed out to all the people who were in any way involved in this matter.