All you can eat and learn

07 September 2018 - Published by Herma Otter
In the city of Roeselare masterclasses have been set up, after the example of the Summerclasses in Groningen Municipality (NL). The concept in Roeselare differs in one aspect though: they’re not organised in summer.

The sessions were called “Broodje Like!”. “Broodje” is the Dutch word for “Sandwich”. As these classes are open to everyone and given during the lunch breaks, the name “Broodje Like” is very applicable. People can enjoy an informational session while eating their lunch. In line, placemats were used in the staff restaurant to promote the sessions. Further promotion was done via newsletter and intranet.

Further topics for the “Broodje Like” sessions of 2018 are:
• Project Like: what’s going on in project Like? Do you Like the ideas?
• Chatbot: meet our new digital employee!
• City of things
• Blockchain
• Smart food

Next to the “Broodje Like” sessions, Roeselare also wants to use the knowledge of the Like partners in transnational masterclasses for specific teams within the municipality.
Like! Project leader Gino Dehullu has pitched several opportunities in various teams for possible linkages. In September/October 2018 the teams will give their decision on what masterclasses they are interested in.