Vechta City Council (DE) simplified language council website

11 September 2018 - Published by Herma Otter
Vechta City Council’s website has been revised to include content in simplified language. Giving straightforward explanations and guidance written in short sentences helps the target group navigatein and to certain sections of the website.

Simplified language is intended as an aid to people who have learning or reading difficulties, impaired memory or a low level of literacy. The council’s website content has now been translated into simplified language by the “Sprach-Werk” simplified language agency at Andreaswerk Vechta (a provider of support services for people with a disability) and reviewed by staff with reading disabilities to ensure it can be easily understood.  

Simplified language uses precise, uncomplicated words, short sentences, hyphenation of long words and no idioms. This is backed up by explanatory images, large fonts and generous line spacing.

In addition to meeting the requirements for accessible websites, the approach has been adopted as part of the EU’s Interreg “Like!” funding project, in which Vechta City Council is participating. The aim of the project is to devise innovative digital solutions with which to improve public services, including new services for people with an impairment.