The DIDI IoT initiative will use LoRaWan to connect homes and businesses in Drenthe (NL

30 November 2017 - Published by Herma Otter
Drenthe (NL) - There was great interest for the kick-off the Drents Internet der Dingen Initiatief (DIDI) hosted by the Province of Drenthe on 27th November. The ‘Internet of Things’ initiative is also part of the LIKE! project (NSR Interreg Vb). The Province wants to make it possible for all homes and businesses in the region to have free access to the LoraWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) - a technology for machine to machine communication over a wide area – and create a testing ground for technical development in Drenthe.

To provide a communications network 32 ‘gateways’ in the area work as an ‘antenne’ for the Internet of Things, covering the whole region. The LoraWAN network is sustainable, using little energy and is extensive. It is also expected to contribute towards smart solutions for societal challenges. At the moment a lot is happening regarding the implementation  of  DIDI. For example, network nodes are being created at central locations and on high buildings.


The network allows machines to communicate with each other via sensors. Imagine a bin that signals it’s full, a fridge that warns the milk is almost finished, a dishwasher signing that it’s almost defect. The Province believes that DIDI is of great importance for the future and for further innovation within Drenthe’s economy. The kick-off also marks the start of a number of pilot projects in the region. The National Park Drentsche Aa, for example, will experiment with the network by monitoring the flow of visitors. There’s also a plan to monitor ground water.

In the coming months more  meetings will take place in the main cities of the province (Assen, Emmen, Hoogeveen and Meppel) to inform stakeholders and the general public about the possibilities and potential of DIDI.

For more see: Lora Drenthe Website and the DIDI meetup group

[Deirdre Buist]