Final Conference: Take a look into the future with Bytesnet!

12 September 2019 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
Bytesnet will give one of the unique excursions during the Final Conference of Like! in their brand new datacenter d’Root on campus Groningen.

undefinedThe Bytesnet Group is a strong regional player on information technology in the northern and western part of Holland with long lasting relations with customers and regional authorities with a special focus on health, science, education and government.

The importance of datacenters is getting bigger and bigger, they constitute the heart of the digital economy and are the foundation of the digital world. They guarantee the availability and security of data and applications for many organizations. Bytesnet delivers housing and colocation services with an unique twin datacenter.

undefinedBytesnet is an innovator in datacenter technologies, participating in European initiatives for investigating biological produced hydrogen in combination with fuel cell to produce green electricity and re-use the warmth produced to heat up the campus.

The combination of our advanced datacenter, were oil submerged computers will be the basis of our HPC(High Performance Research Cloud) proposition, with the open datalab facilities for students is unique in the world.

The building is inviting and inspiring, open at the front side for the datalab activities where students can walk in and out. The building is highly secured at the back side for the customers.

Do you want to visit Bytesnet to find out what they are all about? Find more information here or get your free ticket by clicking here.