Final Conference Like!: the Center for Information Technology

19 September 2019 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
The Center for Information Technology (CIT) is the University center for information technology. The CIT provides high quality IT services, primarily to the University of Groningen. Secondarily to eductional institutions in the North of the Netherlands.

 The CIT provides: “education and research, supported by innovative and reliable IT”

To achieve this objective, the Center for Information Technology has many facilities at its disposal. The CIT is located in the Smitsborg building on the Zernike Campus. This unique building accomodates the virtualization room CAVE (Computer Assisted Virual Environment) and a supercomputer (Blue Gene).

Exciting visualizations

The CIT uses the Reality Center of the University of Groningen to make all kinds of visualizations for education and science, from simple 2D animations to complex multi-dimensional  data-animations. Often it concerns real-time interactive visualisations. The CIT has very advanced equipment, including a virtual reality theater. The facilities and expertise are also available for business. They have done various projects in the field of spatial planning.

An energy solution in Middag-Humsterland   Smitsborg, Zernike Campus


During this excursion you will get a look at a number of spectacular data sets and check out the virtual reality theater! Click here to sign up or Click here for more information.