Final Conference Like!: Masterclass Digital Innovation Culture in Government

18 September 2019 - Published by Evite van Winkoop
This theme is core to the Like! project. Creating the necessary conditions for the development of innovative services and integrated service delivery. How to tackle barriers to the delivery of effective services? How to deliver innovative services that meet the demands of a wide range of users? Martyn Wallace from the Scottish Digital Office will take us to the Scottish CivTech® programme in this masterclass.

About the CivTech® Programme

The CivTech® programme brings together public sector expertise and private sector creativity to solve real problems, develop new products and deliver better, faster and easier services for everyone. Central to the approach is co-production with the citizen. The CivTech® approach is already helping transform the public sector with technological innovation - delivering significant benefits to public services and producing genuine uplifts for the Scottish economy. And along the way, it’s making people’s lives better.

Masterclass - Co-creating scalable solutions

During this masterclass Martyn Wallace will guide you through the CivTech® process currently used in Scotland. It involves bringing together Public Sector ‘Sponsors’ with SME’s Large Businesses, Academia, Public & 3rd Sector companies to help co-create scalable solutions. The attendees can create small teams during the masterclass  to come up with a ‘problem’ that they will then pitch to others as they would if they were looking for a solution provider.

Click here and join this very interesting Scottish masterclass on digital innovation culture and create your own scalable solution! The most successful pitches on the day will take a little piece of Scotland home with them.