Getting by with a little help

13 April 2018 - Published by Herma Otter
Roeselare (BE) - Project Like! wants to create a digital innovative culture, to enhance public service delivery. To keep up with the fast changing (technical) surroundings and demands of nowadays society, it is crucial to invest in the development of employees (technical) skills.

Informal learning is a good way of spreading the digital culture throughout an organization and to improve the level of digital skills. “DigiCoaches” in Roeselare are volunteer employees within a team and take care of simple questions about ICT and digital skills. This has two advantages: skills are delivered from colleague to colleague and it has a positive effect on the workload for the ICT helpdesk.


One of the DigiCoaches: “This brings variation in my regular job and it’s fun to help my colleagues”

The organization offers the coaches an intensive training when it comes to ICT-tools and skills.